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Thursday, July 21, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Giugi Carminati 'Hater of any Conservative Justice' (Continues 'Hate America' Series w/intense hate of any Bush nominee)

We last heard from Giugi Carminati July 5th, and are now just hearing from her again. Hm, I wonder why?

Well, July 6th was a date that was suppose to change
Giugi's life forever, but she utterly humiliated. The final presentation for her oral sex and intercourse room idea at Houston's high schools was filled with laughter and she was not taken seriously at all by HISD. Following the presentation, she started crying and I can't say that I felt sorry for her sorry ass.

Another devistating blow came on July 9th, when funding and meeting places for her youth sex seminars were pulled. When grant officials learned about what was actually going on in practice during her seminars they quickly wanted to distance themselves from
Carminati and again her liberalism was shot down. The only media attention she has been getting was from porno sites on the internet. I mean, who in their right mind would teach young inner-city teen girls ages 12 - 16 proper ways of giving oral sex. Well, a liberal like Carminati would.

In the continuation of
Carminati's goal for the future downfall of America this week, Giugi insanely argues for of all things "moderation." Bullcrap, she has never argued for a case of moderation in her life. How do liberals argue for moderation in the case of abortion when one abortion is to many? How do liberals argue for moderation in the case of war when they want the enemy to win? No, liberals only call for moderation or "bipartisianship" when they are losing on the issues. Hence white liberals, like Giugi Carminati, do everything in their worthless power to keep the blacks in intellectual slavery, the hispanics relegated to janitorial duties, and both the blacks and hispanics dependent on the white liberal for all aspects of everyday life.

In her latest summer attempt at educating UH weak minded students this semester, the malodorous pride of the
Honors College and now UH law student, Giugi Carminati, the UH Daily Cougar columnist and UH College Democrat officer, continues her 'Hate America Series' this time with the premise that the Supreme Court will go down the hill if Judge ??? (a Conservative) is named to the court. Actually Carminati's article wasn't written before Judge Roberts was nominated by the President -- which is the liberal way in writing they way they want even foregoing anything relating to the truth.

Giugi's tripe today "With justices, moderation is key," Carminati urges moderation when it comes to Conservatives picking judges to the Supreme Court, but of course if liberals were in charge it would be a totally different story. Carminati lies right off the bat stating that "a moderate on the court is an asset for liberty and justice." Bull, O'Connor was originally appointed as a Conservative, so a Conservative will be appointed in her place.

Carminati has no dignity. She still refuses to be acknowledged as a liberal preferring to be called "progressive." Come on Carminati, admit it, you're a liberal, and the only "state of uncertainty" you and your husband have is the next innocent female conquest you will both have.

Carminati's call for a moderate on the court "allows for compromise and meeting ground for two sides of the nation." See this is what happens when the other side (the liberals) loses and continues to lose, you have this "rights of the minority crap." Hell, where were the rights of the minority for the Jews during World War II. The liberals have lost and can't admit they have lost, and they have friends in the media that can help in their hopeless cause.

Carminati calls the loss of O'Connor "a dangerous hole [] on the Supreme Court," only because the liberal lawmakers (Carminati's leftist judges) are being taken out and the true makers of law (the Congress) are not being allowed to do their jobs. Liberals detest the American people being in charge -- liberals believe they are in charge and don't you forget it. In fact, Carminati wants to be your congresswoman someday, and she's already busy engaging in destroying the confidence of her constituency so you'll be down and out enough to vote for her.

Giugi's belief that GWB and Conservatives put themselves first is an understatement as compared to the liberals. Conservatives respect life -- liberal don't. Conservatives respect America and their Allies -- liberals don't. And when has GWB ever taken the spotlight from a scene like Clinton used to do who were in the headlines. Again Carminati is in her own little world. Her own interest of the population of minorities beholding to her self-righteous heart and the democratic party is only but a dream.

Carminati's continues her delusion. Her implications that Conservatives are emdangering "civil rights and citizen safeguards" are absurd. Carminati is afraid of "progressive" civil rights that wacko judges and liberals have allowed over the years to contribute to the downfall of society. I would have figured that Carminati would be thrilled that the Supremes recently voted to allow governments the right to allow private entrepreneurs the right to cease law abiding citizens property for personal gain -- now that's progressive.

Giugi tries her best to equate Reagan's Conservatism of yesteryear to being considered moderate to today's standards, and that's her reasoning for today's waist of trees. But it doesn't work. That's why it is important for GWB to appoint a Conservative justice (an originalist) that will honor his commitment to the end of his term.

Carminati asks the question, "what has this country come to if one side cannot accept its own moderate representatives?" I'll tell you why. When has a moderate ever made a damn decision. Moderates are wimps -- always wanting to go with the flow. They can never be leaders. Moderates try to please everyone at the same time, they have to lie to please everyone. Name one great moderate in history. There is none -- because they cannot take a stand on an issue and mean it.

Carminati praises the 'Gang of 14,' those "Democrats and moderate Republicans (they exist in name) within Congress," those spineless men and women, people who have no say so in appointing a nominee to the high court, but all they can do is to obstruct a President's wishes.

Carminati urges the moderates to laughingly "take a firm stance against any candidate so extreme as to be unsuitable for the upholding of traditional American jurisprudence beliefs." Now what the hell does that mean. What is the definition of "extreme" -- anyone who is against "abortion" -- which I consider extreme.

Carminati lastly looks to controvery from O'Connor herself, with the justice conspiring to resign during the administration of a Republican President, she speculates. I'm convinced that O'Connor, and not Carminati, cares about her country -- liberals don't. I believe she would have waited 12 years for a Conservative president to be elected before resigning if Gore had won in 2000. Carminati actually began to believe the rumors about when O'Connors retirement was announced. "I was not inclined to believe these rumors," Carminati said, "until Justice O'Connor did retire, leaving President Bush a comfortable four-year margin for appointment of another associate justice." Carminati's statement cements her looniness. If O'Connor wants to retire, then let the lady retire. And Bush doesn't have four years to appoint a Supreme -- he really has two and one-half years during the second term.

Carminati thankfully admits "conservatives and progressives have different views on what this represents, and it is only right that a conservative government appoint conservative justices." Bush is doing what he said, which is a far cry from Clinton. Anyway why would a liberal be appointed during a Conservative administration, Conservatives don't want to contribute to the further downfall of society that liberal and moderate justices would most certainly contribute too.

Carminati has no respect for religion, and especially not for "traditional" Conservative judges. In Carminati's views Conservative judges are one's who support "small government, fewer prisoner rights and little to no governmental intervention in societal matters." Ever notice how the liberals are trying to get prisoners the right to vote, and they're being nice to Al-Qaeda, and they definitely need government to make liberal strides in societal matters such as gay marriage and abortion.

Carminati is more warped than ever, and I know she will be welcomed home at the Law Center with open arms like no one liberal has before.

Screw the libs!

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