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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Giugi Carminati 'Hater of new fetal life' (Continues 'Hate America' Series w/parade of hate towards the unborn)

The true desperation of the liberals has shown itself since Justice O'Connor deceided to throw in the towel and Giugi Carminati is destined to throw in her 'two worthless bits' in trying to convince UH weak minded students to forego sexual responsibility during the act itself and to finally assume responsibility during the act of abortion.

That's liberalism for you -- they complain that they are losing elections and wonder why -- well, the libs are aborting their base, and have been doing for over 30 years.

In the continuation of
Carminati's goal for the future downfall of America she insanely argues that "being pro-choice is the only common sense approach to the 21st century." The racist white liberal Margaret Sanger wanted, as the white liberals of today want, a self-initiated black genocide, and the black population has unfortunately fell for the idea. This idea keeps the white liberal in charge of the democratic party, and of course the hapless black community who continue to put their hopes and dreams in the democratic party that continues to hold them in intellectual slavery. We almost never hear of hispanics having abortions do we?

The "my body - my choice" crap hurts liberals over time, and the influence they would have had over non-aborted babies born in the 1970s and 80s could damn well have given the liberals the edge in the 2000 and 2004 elections. The libs have only themselves to blame, and since they refuse to self-loath over their own faults they can't see the forest for the trees.

Carminati's attempt this week to lure UH's weak minded students to her mind molestation room, Carminati relegates the word "pro-choice" to a non-meaning saying that it "does not mean pro-abortion," and goes on to spin it in her liberal way. Pardon me Carminati, when has an important liberal in NOW or some other 'pro-death' group annouced they were taking time off to have a baby. 'Pro-choice' means 'fetal death'. 'Pro-life' mean 'fetal life'.

Giugi has been busy as of late. The final presentation for the oral sex and intercourse room idea at Houston's high schools is being presented on Wednesday, and another youth sex seminar, in which she teaches young inner-city teen girls ages 12 - 16 proper ways of giving oral sex, has been downed although Carminati is disappointed that the seminars have not gotten any media attention from the local news agencies. Hm, I wonder why?

In her latest summer attempt at educating UH weak minded students this semester, the malodorous pride of the
Honors College and now UH law student, Giugi Carminati, the UH Daily Cougar columnist and UH College Democrat officer, continues her 'Hate America Series' this time with the premise that life literally 'sucks' and as many fetuses as possible should be sucked from their wombs. Carminati believes in less American births causing the need for more immigrants to the US thus subjecting those immigrants to democratic ideals which intellectually enslaves them for the duration of their natural lives and in the meantime destroying traditional American ideals.

Giugi's tripe today "Pro-lifers leave women few options," Carminati feeds us headline news that "women get pregnant." And did you know that "100 percent of the time [pro-choice women who] have had sexual relations with a male, or they have come into contact with semen" can get pregnant. Wow, Carminati is so smart that if she had been alive when Dr. Carver was still living, she could have come up with some sexual uses for peanut butter besides placing it on a phallus for fellatory episodes of which she is so indepth.

Carminati is blind and does not see that abortion is responsibility after the fact. She "cannot begin to judge or impose [her] moral will on these circumstances." For Christ sake, judging people, which Carminati hates, requires them to clean up their act and become responsible citizens of our great United States. And responsible citizens of our great United States vote Republican.

Carminati chides 'pro-lifers' "claiming that abstinence is the only way, or that the unborn have a right to life." This coming from the woman that earlier said pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion and that "being pro-choice is the only common sense approach to the 21st century." It's about time that we start protecting "the unborn." Hell, liberals put more efforts into protecting some snail darter than unborn human life. Unborn human life to liberals means nothing.

Carminati keeps on going about 'women's bodies this' and 'women's bodies that'. She cries foul with "criminalizing abortions will do nothing to 'protect the unborn'", but she never once attempts to solve the problem when she already has the answer to the problem. Giugi is so smart that she has the answer to ending the "so-called 'murders'" of all the unborn children -- but again its the forest for the trees thing with Giugi. You'll find out at the end.

Carminati's "pro-choice is pro-common sense" diet which is aimed specifically at women and girls is low in protein, and insist on young girls being told about their sexual options especially "when a teenager is not sexually active." Carminati supports sex for young girls and once that teen gets pregnant supports offering "numerous options" for disposal of the said fetus.

Carminati calls taking a fetus to term biting "the bullet" and poorly supports the 'pro-life' argument making it sound taxing, of which it is, but it's the right thing to do. She welcomes the termination of pregnancies, which is "removing something from within her own body that cannot survive on its own," and directly avoids responsibility and begs the question they will be asking for the rest of their lives -- "what if?"

Carminati argues for 'pro-death' for unborn fetuses because the pregnant teen will have to "go through a nine-month pregnancy while putting her life, job, family, health and well-being on the line." Or worst yet, the child will have to go under adoption, or worst yet foster care.

Carminati says she does not advocate any choice that pregnant teens take, yet maintains "it is none of my business to tell strangers what they should and should not do with their uterus." Well, what the hell do you call your waist of trees today Carminati, you ignorant slut. The super weak minded female that happens to be pregnant and reading Carminati's tripe will be exposed more to the 'pro-death' side, and thus be tricked into abortion of a viable fetus and future liberal voter.

Carminati says she doesn't care about choice, but if she had the reproductive rights of all women, all you would see is abortion after abortion, and the vast majorities of those abortions would be from minority women because the child would be exposed to too many hardships -- so go ahead and abort the fetus now and avoid the mess later. Bull crap. Liberals are avoiding the responsibility of protecting themselves during sex anyway, hence them continually diverting responsibility to the abortion stage, when life -- the stuff we explore other worlds to find -- has been achieved.

Carminati calls non-aborted children "abortion escapees" making it sound if they were criminals on the run or something. Carminati is sick, she calls "the pro-life stance [] the easy way out."

Carminati touts health care and sex education, the parents job, but she brushes it off to society which is failing miserably. She theorizes "the reason abortions take place" is ultimately because incompete females are "faced with the reality that if they decided to have the baby they were not planning," when they shouldn't have been screwing around in the first place.

Carminati doesn't believe that abortion is murder yet is equivalent to a child simply squashing a roach on the floor. To liberals, abortion is a quick disposal of life that was created due to their incompetence, an unplanned event, that ruins their lifestyle because they won't be able to go out on the weekends. Face it, liberals are selffish people that won't let a little thing such as a fetus get in the way of their next party.

If only liberals would commit suicide as often as they abort fetuses, America would be a much better place.

Oh yeah, what is
Carminati's answer to reduce the number of abortions -- promote an 'oral-sex only' campaign in America. The big condom lobby would go crazy. The only thing good about Carminati is her oral talents.

Screw the libs!

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