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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Confused as usual' (Tries in vane to corrupt UH weak minded over Karl Rove)

In another example of not being able to handle his alcohol, today UH Daily Cougar Opinion Columnist David Salinas tries to be the David Blaine of street magic fame in trying to levitate his liberal crap, but falls flat on his face.

In his tripe today "
Blowing spy's cover could backfire," Salinas plays the role of the novice (and gullible) chess playing liberal who confidently takes on Deep Blue in a chess match and loses in two moves.

Liberals, especially optimistic liberals like
Salinas, are so gullible to even think they can win over the likes of Karl Rove or Tom DeLay. Wouldn't you think that those guys know that their entire lives are scrutinized, essentially its a chess game, and they are always thinking, 'well if I make this move, what will be the reaction of the liberals?" I know I would.

See liberals don't see life as a chess game. They see it more a game of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas -- no rules, you can ruin peoples lifes on a whim, and if you don't get want you want -- hell, take it anyway. Life is to short for people to sacrifice in life to get want they want, just grab a gun and take out someone who already has want you want.

Salinas attacks Karl Rove over the naming of Valerie Plame, a former agent under 'nonofficial cover," or "NOC." For those who remember the first Mission Impossible movie back in the mid 90's, the bad guys were out to get the NOC list and it was Ethan Hunt who was out to stop them. As for me, I will neither confirm nor deny that I have ever been on a NOC list.

Salinas in his waist of trees today gives the assumption that Karl Rove is automatically guilty of revealing that Valerie Plame was a spy. If the media says it, then its true, and believes Salinas them all the way.

See the media continues to search for new and different ways of smearing the Bush Administration on relatively meaningless crap.
Club G'itmo was attacked by the liberals and we find out the club members are being treated better than our own soldiers. Liberals have slandered Conservative judges, continue to attack effective Conservatives, denounced our soldiers, embraced the enemies of the United States, and convienently forget that September 11th has even happened. Thank God none of their attacks have stuck, which has brought to Karl Rove made up incident, and the libs are desperately trying to keep that story alive.

As far as Rove is concerned -- no crime has been committed. Plame hasn't been on assignment for a long time, and
Salinas' scare tactic of "had Plame been caught, she could have been executed in another country for espionage with no 'diplomatic immunity'" doesn't hold water. Salinas is taking UH's weak minded students to his mind molestation room and given them a big reach around. NOCs know the risk they take, and just like anyone who willingly goes in harms way in service to their -- they are willing to take that risk -- unlike liberals like Salinas.

Salinas again gives Karl Rove way to much credit for actions taken inside the White House. Rove doesn't decide a damn thing in the place, and his reliance on the statement "two senior administration officials told me Wilson's wife suggested sending him to Niger to investigate the Italian report. Who could those two senior 'administration officials' be?" Hell, anyone above the rank of janitor in the White House can be quoted as a 'senior administration official.' The liberal press took a door man in Indonesia seriously during the more recent GWB speech on Iraq -- and the dude never even heard the speech -- that's the measure of their liberal resolve.

Salinas salivates with 'we've got Rove' with his worthless touting of some e-mail that Rove was allegedly involved in. Now how many of us have sent an anonymous e-mail? I've saw two ads for anonymous e-mail websites last week alone, and I don't believe Karl Rove, like Tom DeLay would send something over the internet that wasn't absolutely safe. I doubt if Rove even sends political business e-mails, Salinas himself alleged that Rove 'called' Chris Matthews, so why didn't Rove just send an 'e-mail' to Matthews, 'hm liberals.

One last thing before I head off to the lake.
Salinas impression to the UH weak minded that GWB would fire anyone if they broke the law in they leaked is utterly false. GWB has maintained that if anyone breaks the law in his administration they would be fired, and that's a fact.

As far as leaking is concerned that a different matter. Hell, everyone in Washington leaks. Karl Rove has not violated the law -- for he is a chess player.

David, you're no Garry Kasparov. Keep dreaming about Patrick Fitzgerald and special councils against the President, liberal victories at the polls, America's enemies winning victories, and the downfall of society and Karl Rove -- that's all they will be -- just dreams.

Screw the libs!

NOC's do their service aware of the risks. One risk they don't take into account is that they will be backstabbed by a fat shit sack like Rove in order for Bushy to get back at someone who made him look stupid.
Liberal, you are a "Clear and Present Danger" (of Harrison Ford fame) who believes what the liberal media tells them.

The Rove story is dead liberal, and the liberal media cannot revive it.

Rove is a chess player -- a man that thinks two moves ahead -- while liberals are playing checkers.
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