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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Keep borders open' (Who cares if terrorist are let in US borders)

With the mentality of saying 'hey guys, look the other way so my relatives can cross the border, and don't worry about those terrorist crossing either,' today UH Daily Cougar Opinion Columnist David Salinas again displays his lack of handling alcohol and organizing thoughts in his brain when he takes on The Minutemen, true American heros who are taking border patrol efforts unto themselves totally within US law by the way.

In his tripe today "
Minutemen ignore bigger picture," Salinas attacks the unpaid volunteer protectors of our freedom, a group he calls "vigilante border watchers," or "The Minutemen." Salinas is pissed because The Minutemen will be "visiting Houston in October," and he is afraid that he will be captured by the guys and sent back to Mexico. Who cares if The Minutemen visit is only to "observe immigrant day laborers across the city." What is the difference between The Minutemen coming to Houston and Houston Police taking people of day laborers -- of which both actions I agree with.

Salinas turns to religion to help save his liberal cause by touting that The Minutemen's "announcement was met by denouncements from a local archbishop and civil rights activists." Again who cares. When have liberals taken religion seriously without political implications attached to it.

David notes that the liberal group Central American Resource Center will shadow The Minutemen, who take seriously the joke comment from a public meeting in south Texas that "can’t we just shoot them," means the illegals. Salinas asks the question "is this really the solution?" Of course not, but at least The Minutemen are doing something, and I do fault the White House for not taking further action to protect our own borders, but I do still support the President.

Salinas points to NAFTA or "the North American Free Trade Agreement [that] was the death knell for Mexican farm workers." Salinas lightly chides President Clinton who signed the damn legislation that so hurt his beloved illegals, but it is nothing to the punishment that liberals are placing on people like The Minutemen who really care the United States and want to see it protected.

Salinas wants to create an economic United Nations, "we live in a small world, and we should be tied globally with the economies of other nations." He humbly maintains and is liberally optimisitc that "to truly have a global economy, we need everyone in the globe to have well-paying jobs with safe working conditions," which will never happen. With that kind of thinking Salinas plans on destroying the environment.

Salinas' thinking that "when fair trade begins, illegal immigration will end." David, your premise that The Minutemen are doing the wrong thing. No Salinas, The Minutemen have the right picture when it comes to the border. It's you Salinas who needs to get his eyes checked.

Screw the libs!

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