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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - XV

- Senior Citizens are reduced to robbing banks and running escort agencies all because social security is just not enough. Liberals of course don't want seniors to have any more money than social security, because those seniors will not need liberals.

- If liberals ever support an issue that is good for America, they will not be self-loathing.

- Liberals are weeds among the wheat of Conservative society.

- I loath the muslim faith. The peace loving muslims are cowards not to stand up against the terrorists.

- Liberals will aid U.S. enemies before they wish to help a Conservative America.

- Liberalism prevails when good men do nothing.

- Le French equals le wimps.

- Aid to Africa breeds lazyiness in Africans. Africans are begging the West to stop sending aid because they can take care of themselves. Liberals, as usual, are not listening.

- The ACLU's stance against the Flag Amendment cements their distrust of the United States.

- Go Judge Roberts.

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