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Saturday, July 30, 2005


Attacking Non-UH Liberalism 'Where is the Rove coverage?'

Tom Matzzie of MoveOn is livid that Karl Rove is staying out of the headlines. In a recent e-mail dated 7/22 with the subject "Tell the media: Don't forget Karl Rove," like expecting the media to keep Rove in the headlines.

Guess what Tom -- they didn't.

Matzzie was upset that last Monday, "the entire country was focused on Karl Rove's leak of the identity of an undercover CIA operative to the media." Then it was gone.

Libs, if Rove were guilty he would have been gone by now. Rove's a chess player and thinks two steps ahead of hapless liberals who can't think fives minutes ahead. Matzzie tries to state that Rove lied before the grand jury, but we all know who lied to the grand jury about Monica.

Matzzie pleads "we need to make sure the media get back on the case," and provides an area where even the incompetent can compose a letter and send it to select liberal newspapers such as the Houston Chronicle, whose subscriptions have dropped below 550,000.

The desperation of the liberals is most evident in their methods. Matzzie's note is a clear sign that the most radical forms of liberalism is declining. Their message is boring -- they are trying to push a "Current TV" network boring message in a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas world. It is not getting through.

Screw the libs!

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