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Thursday, July 28, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'More Blacks voting Republican'

In a recent hospital stay at a hospital in the Medical Center, I had a lengthy conversation with a black hospital worker (Larry X), a member of the janitorial service, a Vietnam Vet, and a man who voted Republican for the first time in his life last election.

I was proud to talk with this man. He is proud, and recognized that democrats are not trying to help the blacks and hispanics but instead keep them dependent on the white liberal and black liberal leaders for perpetual guidance of their daily lives.

Larry X recalled to me his dismal experience in writing letters to democrats such as Sheila Jackson-Lee -- of course wacko leftist never answered any of Larry X's letters. Larry X was also surprised when I told him that Sheila Jackson-Lee was born near New York City (Jamaica) and was under the leadership of Rev. Al Sharpton himself. Sheila Jackson-Lee asked Rev. Al where she could go to influence a black population and Rev. Al said "Houston." New York was dominated by black liberals, Houston Representative Mickey Leland had just convienently died in that accident, and it just so happened that her husband was from Houston. So Sheila Jackson-Lee built her career by rising from among the ashes of her people.

Larry X was fully pissed at Sheila Jackson-Lee and democrats who just lets blacks and hispanics stew in the breakdown of society so that black and white liberals can keep intellectual control over them. Larry X said he was calling on his family and friends to vote Republican, and I told him "drive on Brother!"

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