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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


UH Law Students Solicited for PP Fundraiser

Liquid Panty Remover Included
It's not every day that UH Law Students get liberal junk email...wait, no, it is every day. But I found this email especially worthwhile. It gave me shocking insight into the latest Planned Parenthood fundraising technique.

The message is titled ""Party Like a Rock Star!". It starts out by explaining that the author is a campus contact for the board of the local Planned Parenthood and that her organization is hoping to reach more people in the area of "legal advocacy". I suppose this is because the ACLU and every other leftist legal organization is is losing its daily fight against the unborn. But I digress.

The message goes on to explain that Planned Parenthood will be hosting a party this Saturday night as a fundraiser. The email says that students should purchase a $50 ticket to the event, and that that ticket will get them into M Bar for a party where they are to behave like their favorite rock star and -HERE's THE KEY PART- drink as much alcohol as they please!

This leads me to one conclusion: Planned Parenthood intends to get as many young liberals liquored up and imitating Gene Simmons and groupies as possible in the hopes that in the coming months there will be an insatiable demand for abortions that allows them to meet 3rd quarter Wall Street projections.

This is an ingenious ploy that was just bound to happen sooner or later. Oh, but don't forget, "Planned Parenthood offers other services to women besides abortion". Sure, that's why they are recruiting future lawyers: to fight the Anti-Prenatal Care Movement. Thanks Planned Parenthood for the invite. I can't wait to attend as Ted Nugent.

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