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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Tyler Nelson 'Back on track' (Puts 'Chappaquid' dick Kennedy in his place)

Yesterday in Tyler Nelson's commentary "Teddy's Iraq, Vietnam analogy way off," Nelson showed the UH Daily Cougar a little class, definitely much more class that will grace the Cougar on Thursday that being Giugi Carminati's worthless waist of trees.

Nelson correctly places Senator Ted Kennedy on the lowest rung when he explains from the Conservative point of view 'Chappaquid' dicks assailing of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld "for his [alleged] 'mishandling' of the war in Iraq". 'Chappaquid' dick, who views war from the template of Vietnam sees "'no end in sight' in Iraq and called the war a 'quagmire'."

Nelson takes no prisoners, and rightly blames 'Chappaquid' dicks brother for starting the mess that brought about the mixing of 'quagmire' and Vietnam. He points to the self-loathing 'Chappaquid' dick who most people find "ridculous that he can honestly say with a straight face that the situation in Iraq is anything close to that of Vietnam."

Nelson rightly compares the United States losses in Vietnam -- 58,000 -- to the current losses in Iraq -- 1,700. Hell, the Battle of the Kasserine Pass, the US's first real battle in Africa during World War II, we took over 6,000 casualties. If the liberals of yesterday had the mentality that the libs of today have, the US might be a mixture of Japanese and German, or a completely wimp country that surrenders just because of somebody in the military died fighting for freedom.

Nelson realizes that and yes, "we have lost over 1,700 U.S soldiers since Operation Iraqi Freedom began," but those lives have not been lost in vain.

An aborted fetus is lost in vain, but not American soldiers in Iraq. Self loathing liberals will lower themselves to the slimiest levels to make the US look bad in any light.
Nelson notes that "in Iraq we have lost less than 3 percent of the lives that were lost in Vietnam."

Nelson sticks it in the libs faces asking 'did Vietnam ever hold free elections'? Not to mention that if field commanders were given free reign in Vietnam, we might have even won that war.

No one can rightly finish a piece on 'Chappaquid' dick without pointing out that Kennedy is a "man that should be locked up for his reckless behavior that resulted in the death of a young lady" which was promptly covered up by his rich and arrogant family, and it was lapped up by the liberals.

Nelson continues "this is the same Ted Kennedy that got kicked out of Harvard for cheating on a Spanish exam -- que ejemplo eres, Teddy!" and was again covered up by his rich and arrogant family, and it was again lapped up by the liberals.

Nelson continues to attack and attack 'Chappaquid' dick, and takes no part in appeasing the liberals. WAY TO GO TYLER! The liberals deserve no respect for what they stand for, and they need to continually be hound for the worthless people they are. They hate America, they hate our President, they love the enemy, they love the people that hate America.

I loved
Nelson's quip that if 'Chappaquid' dicks "last name wasn't Kennedy, he would either be a janitor somewhere in Massachusetts or in prison." What have the people of Massachusetts done to deserve Kennedy in the Senate for four decades.

Tyler keep it up. You are continuing the guerilla fight to combat the liberals. The libs are full of hot air, they are a worthless shell like the KGB. The liberals cower in fear when challenged.

UH Liberal Haters blog as far as I can tell is the first serious challenge to the previously unobstructed liberal purveyors of scum on the UH campus. I have been called names, but I have never really been challenged on a topic where I had been forced to back down. Check the comments.

Liberal blowhards are wimps, they actually believe we can chant our enemies into peace. Liberals talk crap, but when challenged intellectually they fall by the wayside, and we Conservatives should not feel sorry for these liberals when they lose. They will certainly stab us and the US in the back when they win.

Nelson, keep up good work, and do not feel sorry for the liberals. In fact, when you write, think of yourself as a liberal opposed to a healthy fetus about to be born -- kill that fetus because its the enemy; suck the brains out of that fetus so that it will not challenge you intellectually. Do it to them Tyler before they do it to you.

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