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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Tyler Nelson 'For once I disagree' (Give no advice to the libs on Dean)

Today in Tyler Nelson's commentary "Dean is hazardous for Democrats," I was a little taken aback. I agreed that "Howard Dean is the best thing that has happened to the Republican Party" in a good while, since Dean's mouth has been rubbing people the wrong way. What do you expect from democrats, since liberals always have a dry sense of humor and their efforts always seem to leave a bad taste in one's mouth as if they were Carminati after a session on her knees.

Nelson was always truthful in his writing about the Tom and Jerry exploits of Dean referencing the GOP and Republicans in general, by pointing out hateful Dean speech such as "I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for," which gives hope and support to America's enemies.

Nelson correctly wonders about Dean "who in their right mind would put a guy like that in a position of power?" The far wacko left that has ceased control of the democratic party and that's fine -- insane people will drive newcomers and donations away from the libs.

Nelson continues to point fact after fact about Dean's mouth running amuck. I was especially pissed when Dean said of "House Majority leader Tom DeLay: 'He ought to go back to Houston where he can serve his jail sentence.'"

Nelson take on the whole thing is that "voters will recognize this and will cast their ballot for a candidate that is endorsed by rational leaders that have integrity and character. All Dean is good for is mudslinging and baseless attacks on the opposition."

Now for the bad part.

I did not appreciate Nelson's Dr. Phil approach to helping democrats "to shut [Dean] up." Now if he wrote left I would probably agree with him, but I'm not going to give advice to a political enemy who would never offer a true hand of political friendship. Who knows, Dean can be Hitler reincarnated, and I did not see anybody offering help to Hitler.

We need to think that what Dean is saying is what the liberals exactly to hear, and are just afraid to say to avoid ruining their careers like Dean has ruined his. I would have hoped that Nelson would have picked up on it since only a few democrats have complained about Dean's words.

Dean's job is to raise money and not to be the center of the liberal world. The democrats have been constantly behind in fund raising -- you can't press aborted democrats for donations since they have been sucked away, and the 1% of people the libs pay attention to -- the Hollywood left and rich white liberals, pay up and receive 99% of the attention of the democrat elite.

I agree with Nelson, "the DNC is in trouble if this is the guy they are counting on to bring swing voters into their camp in the next Presidential election," but I will never offer help to liberals who will attack me with a knife if I turned my back to them.

I remember those words from "MI-2", "Hunt, you should have killed me."

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