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Thursday, June 09, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Marilyn Pustejovsky 'Integrity only applies to Republicans' (Liberals get a free ride to destroy our society)

Today in the UH Daily Cougar we are graced by another worthless guest columnist staffer probably looking for a promotion, so she writes a worthless blurb in the Cougar just to get noticed. Marilyn Pustejovsky, the Assistant Director of the Justin Dart, Jr. Center for Students with Disbilities, which means she cannot get a job in the real world, sits around in her office collecting $75k a year for doing absolutely nothing except spreading her brand of liberalism across the UH campus, takes on Republicans and how their actions are destroying society. Yeah right. Of course liberals have nothing to do with the destruction of society-- liberals are pristine -- as pure as the wind driven snow. Of course its a complete waste of trees.

In her tripe today "A commitment to integrity needed" Pustejovsky writes an unbalanced account of integrity and how its destroying American society. The four-degreed UH veteran rails against Republicans, but liberal Democrats are not to be mentioned in her void today. Her friends in the liberal media just wouldn't hear of it.

Pustejovsky or "Putz" as she is affectionately called asks why are we "so averse to taking personal responsibility for our decisions and their consequences" in our public officials. Her narrow mind can only muster examples like Tom DeLay, Tom Bolton, and the Abu Ghraib situation. How dense the woman is, she ought to be invited into Giugi Carminati's sexual circle.

Pustejovsky just like any other UH liberal regurgitates liberal news stories in another Nazi-like attempt to tell the same old lie in hopes of it becoming true. Of DeLay she writes "the media is full of the alleged violations of the ethical standards of the most powerful person in the House of Representatives." Hell anyone can say that, but with the liberal media reporting it enough it sticks.

Pustejovsky loves denouncing the US military and I bet she especially took delight in scribling her tripe about the Abu Ghraib prison while at the same time embracing Al-Qaeda as her friend.

Pustejovsky asks "what has become of our society's integrity?" The examples Pustejovsky stated are far more likely to being steadfastly adherenent to the strict moral or ethical code that liberals will.

Pustejovsky doesn't go near Howard Dean or Nevada Senator Harry Reid who outrightly put down the President and his supporters. Pustejovsky doesn't go near KKK Senator Robert Byrd, or Senator Kennedy, who walked about from a drowning woman at Chapaquitic just to save his worthless ass.

No, Pustejovsky won't mention the liberal purveyors of America's integrity problem, just those who are trying to destroy her liberal world. Pustejovsky tries to explain integrity in a way that probably turned many UH students away from her tripe by writing "personal integrity is a decision one makes to act in ways that support right behavior for one's self and for others whether or not it benefits self." Yes a liberal with personal integrity goes right off and has an abortion.

I was brought up believing that integrity was about being whole and complete, by being unimpaired and on a sound footing. Putz puts its in a way that leaves liberals a loophole out for supporting America's enemies, and not feeling bad about themselves in doing the stupid and selffish things they do.

Pustejovsky is an expert on "end-of-life issues" and has personally Schiavoed many individuals in hospice care when she worked in that industry. Pustejovsky believes "personal integrity is the foundation for all one's behavior," and fails to comprehend liberals contribution to the lack of integrity in today's society.

"Both a building (the democratic party) and a person's (liberals) standards collapse under their own weight when neglected." Liberals have for far to long neglected the needs of their constituency for far to long. When have they suggested a plan? They can't, because liberals have to wait till they get back in power before they suggest anything, since anything they suggest while the Republicans are in power will be shown for the fakes the liberals are. In the meantime liberal supporters are shat on with the idea that the promised land is right around the road when its decades away.

I'll bet you $10k that if the liberals ever regain power their will all of a sudden "be a problem with social security" and with many other problems the Republicans are trying to correct today. Liberals are sacrificing their constituents for the "hope" of saving them one day.

Pustejovsky in no way convicts DeLay or Bolton. No, to Pustejovsky it's not the nature of the evidence, it's the seriousness of the charge. Pustejovsky writes of trying to close the integrity gap, but she crosses her fingers in the hope of widening the gulf between liberals and conservatives. Hell, she has the liberal media on her side.

Pustejovsky tries to impose the statement "likewise a nation stands or falls on the integrity of its citizens," which I believe is tripe. The liberal media plays a great part in that. Would Germany's citizens have supported the holocaust if they knew exactly what was going on? That's Pustejovsky for you -- another worthless influencer of the UH weak minded student.

Pustejovsky closes her tripe by encouraging us to "commit to a level of personal integrity that positively affects all with whom we come in contact; setting standards that everyone who is associated with us, this university, and this nation can be proud." Well Marilyn Conservatives are already doing it, where are your precious liberals? -- acting as liberal role models for America's youth to be gay, abort as many fetuses as they can, support Al-Qaeda, and further contribute to the downfall of society in every possible way.

Screw the libs!

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