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Thursday, June 30, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Jim McCormick 'Hater of the Creationist' (Continues summer series of tripe)

In today's excuse that the University of Houston calls its daily newspaper -- the Daily Cougar, they again turn to one of their resident atheist opinion columnist Jim McCormick, lead by Arch-Bitch-up Giugi Carminati of the Church of UH liberalism, in their continuing efforts to stand against everything good and righteous and American.

In his tripe today "
Creationists: Get with the program" McCormick continues his summer campaign against religion and life this time railing against "the deleterious effects of the rise to political prominence of Christian fundamentalism." Pardon me Jim, I think your about eleven years to late, but that's normal with liberals.

A firm "believer" that no one read his previous waist of trees,
McCormick had to remind UH weak minded students that "if you missed my last column, [] you might want to check it out in The Daily Cougar's archives." Yeah, like any student is going to waist their time searching to read the crap that you put out McCormick.

McCormick cheaply attacks the Creationist as if he were an Iranian terrorist (known by liberals as an insurgent) in Iraq bombing US troops. He gives us a lesson on Scopes, commonly known as the 'Scopes Monkey Trial' where creation vs. evolution fought it out in July 1925 -- creationism won. Evidently McCormick has been pissed ever since.

McCormick brings up the modern Kansas case that mirrors Scopes. I say big whoops -- let the schools teach what they want to teach. If parents don't like it, then they have the choice to move their children to a different school that teaches what they want. But no, with McCormick the very mention of "God" or "Christian fundamentalist" rings horrors to his worldview that calls for the downfall of American society as we know it.

McCormick says he doesn't care about creationist motives, but I'm not buying it. He pretends to respect their views but says there "are questions based on false premises and loaded language" when coupled with creationism. He calls religious leaders "power-hungry men" and resents their influence over the sane Conservative population that America offers. The liberals of course do not attend church, and if they do, do not take their teachings seriously -- since they might attend church on Sunday, but cursed God at the election booth.

McCormick brings to light "problems" of both sides of the argument, but he is hell bent for evolution, and wants to shove it down the throat of even those who don't care for it. Look, even the Roman Catholic church has acknowledged evolution and sees that it has its part in the classroom, but I'm not going to make a federal case about it.

McCormick doesn't care, his mission is to destroy those "religious people" and what they stand for. No McCormick has to bring to light experiment after experiment that keeps adding to the score for his side, while throwning water on the flame of creationism. Look dude, let people learn what they want to learn, when they want to learn it.

With his waist of trees complete,
McCormick asks the question if Darwin's work "has led to the saving of lives" and challenged "when was the last time your religious leader wrote something that did that?"

McCormick I'll tell you since you don't have one. Religious leaders are not in the business of "savings lives," they are in the business of "savings souls."

Screw the libs!

You have a store now? That's cute. Why didn't you use "screw the libs" instead of that power ranger slogan?

Oh and Bush said some climate change is man made. This means all conservatives are evil people and that John Kerry is more awesome than the entire Bush family combined.

Let's see, what else is there...

Downing street memo= Bush is Evil.

Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam.

I love America, I just hate freedom.

Ted Kennedy makes more money than you do.

Later Hater
Another great idea from a liberal.

"Screw the libs!" will soon grace the back of the UHLHs t-shirt.
I think "I love America; I just hate freedom." Is a great slogan for these haters. Good call, Justin.
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