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Thursday, June 02, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Giugi Carminati 'Hater of Traditional Marriage' (Loves gay marriage and gay foster parents: anything that kills society)

Again Tyler Nelson way outclasses Giugi Carminati today with his excellent commentary "Hollywood still serving the left," bringing back memories of the "Red Star" over Hollywood, and in many ways exposing the present-day progressive movement (known as the communist during the days of McCarthy) for the liberals that they display themselves as today.

In her first attempt at educating UH weak minded students this summer the malodorous pride of the
Honors College and now UH law student, Giugi Carminati, the UH Daily Cougar columnist and UH College Democrat officer, continues her 'Hate America Series' this time with the premise to convince weak minded UH students that gay marriage is OK.

In fact
Carminati loves gay marriage so much she is going to encourage her children to be gay just so they can experience gay marriage and be more exposed to the AIDS community.

Giugi's tripe today "Anti-gay laws a waste of time,"
Carminati rails against the states "proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage" calling it what UH budget officials often say about the Daily Cougar liberal opinion page, it is "an utter and complete waste of time and money."

Carminati hates traditonal marriage as well as "the Defense of Marriage Act" which was passed by the Texas Legislature this past session which ended last month. The act simply states marriage is defined "as being between a man and a woman." If liberalism is to survive and to continue the downfall of society, Carminati insist that marriage be defined as marriage between two gay men or two lesbian women, or later a man and young boy, then men and goats, etc.

Carminati describes the Defense of Marriage Act a "CYB" bill that "introduce[s] discrimination into the Texas Constitution," which is of course complete bullcrap on Carminati's part which I find revolting.

Carminati compares gay marriage to the acceptance of interracial marriage in hopes that the UH weak minded student will not figure out that interracial marriage is a committment between a man and a woman. She continues in her lame way, "fundamentally, conservatives have lost the battle, and their attempts to modify our Constitution to fit their notions of propriety are a waste of time." Of course she neglects to tell us that the people of almost 20 states have voted overwhelmingly to rid their states of the disease of gay marriage, and if accepted will further lead to the downfall of society.

Carminati believes in changing times and mentalities. The old days when a Roman man could call on a boy for afternoon sex, and return to his wife and family in the evening after a hard day at the coliseum. She's hopeful that our society will once again to the good 'ol days. Well I say fat chance.

Besides gay marriage
Carminati also believes in exposing young children to homosexuality with the use of same-sex foster parents. She proudly proclaims the "bill has died, and that is something we can be pleased about."

Carminati attacks the "insinuations" against gay foster parents that she again calls "revolting." Why "the idea that gays are twisted, perverse and that they would harm a child," they only give everyone the notion that they boink each other in the ass and suck each others members, not to mention the thought of two men french kissing. Yeah that is the right thing to do with a foster child in the house.

Carminati again has a "Valley Girl" moment of brilliance. Did you know that "gay individuals are just like anybody else; the only difference is that they fall in love and are attracted to people of the same sex." Wow -- and this coming so close to the liberal discovery that "men are different from women."

Carminati urges the public to stay out of gay bedrooms and to "stop worrying about who does what to whom and how they do it." Sure don't worry about it -- until you have to pay for their AIDS treatment at the LBJ Hospital.

Carminati, the budding geneticists maintains "homosexuality is not a learned behavior" simply because "if it were, straight families would never have gay children" or porn stars either. She as usual only points out one side of the story just like the future liberal politician she is -- hopinge that the UH weak minded student will accept her version of events, as she willingly accepts any penis that is presented in front of her face. Carminati futilitly proclaims "tolerance is never something that we ought to be ashamed of."

I'm glad that more and more UH students are not tolerating the filth that UH students are being fed by liberals like
Carminati and the Daily Cougar opinion page eddys.

Screw the libs!

it's a good thing you're just another know-it-all college twit cause with the rhetoric you're spewing i'd say you're in front running to be the next grand wizzard fo the kkk. the one thing i've NEVER understood about some folks is this: WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CARE WHAT OTHERS DO? are you that mad that you can't have your will imposed on EVERY aspect of society? gays getting married and adopting kids aresn't hurting society any more than hatemongers like limbaugh, o'reilly, and hannity are. and i HATE all three of them. i think they're a dangerous bunch of maniacs pushing a platform of intolerence and biogtry that i find horrible and increasingly destructive to our society. and you know what i plan to do to get rid of them? NOTHING! i don't watch them, don't listen to them, and pay them no mind so therefore they don't exist to me. get off your hate vibe sonny, and grow the fuck up. remember: you're in college, meaning you're not living in the real world yet, so calm the fuck down.
Listen kid, I'm not a "3rd shift traffic stooge" like you. I'm a professional -- just in school to get some more coverage for my certification.

A 20's kid like you doesn't need to go around disrespecting a war vet, a homeowner, a motorhome owner, a nice portfolio, three cars.

Oh yeah, I'm not in the real world.

I was overseas when you were in diapers, and I'm still not over 40. So watch out you try to attack without knowing something about them.

You night-shift toll-clerk.
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