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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Falls for it again' (Actually believes 'Downing Street Memo' real)

As if a porn starlet who is engaging is the swapping of the top dems spermatic prize with a friend, today UH Daily Cougar Opinion Columnist David Salinas who recently turned 21 and is now drinking legitimately, obviously displays his lack of handling alcohol and organizing thoughts in his brain with a pen in his hand or with a notebook on his lap.

In his tripe today "
Memo reveals presidentís true aim," which should have read "Memo reveals president's true aim,"
Salinas again regurgitates liberal crap that he hopes that UH weak minded students have not been exposed too in hoping to turn them to the dark side of liberalism. In his latest attempt to stave off the draft so he doesn't have to serve, Salinas is afraid that the rising death toll in the war on terror will initiate another draft in the US. Don't worry David the US military will not want your worthless ass anyway.

Salinas, likes many liberals believes that the Downing Street Memo "sheds more light on how this president used lies and American lives for his own ideological and political gain." The only problem is: THE DOWNING STREET MEMO DOES NOT EXIST.

Salinas does not tell you this nor the fact that the original memo was copied and the faked original destroyed which had been admitted by the initial reporter. Does this not smell of RatherGate with those fake documents.

Salinas informs the UH weak minded students that the Downing Street Memo was "the reasoning for going to war in Iraq" and of course cannot be confirmed. Pardon me, did not Senator John F. "Wanna-be Kennedy" Kerry say recently at the beginning of the month that he was going to "raise the issue" of the Downing Street Memo and was coming back to America to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Bush. Well, where are the charges liberals?

Salinas goes on to give a history lesson of the fake document, stuff that Salinas himself probably doesn't believe and then attempts to give legitimacy to his argument by noting Bush's "approval rating was at 42 percent." Salinas is glad that Americans are moving away from "moral values" and shifting back to 'hating America' in the liberals quest to make America a true 'Pol Pot hell.'

Salinas jabs and jabs at Bush noting "soaring gas prices" and the "soaring death rates of the soldiers in Iraq." I've got news for you Salinas, you worthless piece of crap, if you were the Commander at Iwo Jima the casualties would have been much higher than 1,700, and that was just for a few days.

I try to not 'hate' liberals, but sometimes they make you want to just drive by their dying bodies on the side of the road. I admit that Republicans and Americans are gullible.

Hell, we even want Al-Qaeda to like us. Our liberals want us to lose just because Bush is in office and he'll get credit. Libs compare our prison camps to the Soviets, Nazis, and Pol Pot, when the prisoners have never had it so good. Libs don't want solutions to problems while the Republicans are in charge, because the Republicans will get credit. The only winners are the liberal elite because they are treated like royalty by their liberal friends in the media and are always thrown softball questions in interviews. Salinas will never tell you any of this.

Salinas says on the war on terrorism "there is no bigger failure than the war in Iraq." My God, what is his state of mind when he writes this crap. Here we have a 21 years beer and tequila drinking college student, never served a day in the military, and has no intention of serving, yet he insults those who are putting their lives on their lives on the line so that Salinas' Mexican ass can write crap about them.

David shut-up. America surely aborts more than 1,700 fetuses a day, and probably about the same amount of Americans are killed in auto accidents on a daily basis. The 1,700 American casualties over two years appears bad, but hell we lost thousands more in many battles in previous wars. Soldiers know the risk in a combat zone, and I don't see any liberals touting deserters do I.

Salinas has no concept about war. He doesn't believe any country has done anything good in Iraq, Afghanistan. He questions "what is victory in Iraq?" Salinas tries to drum up support for impeachment but he builds a "false case," even he does not believe will come to fruition.

Salinas is an embarrassment to himself and his family. He needs to question his values, and determine if he wants to have a family, what world does he want his kids to live in?

Oh yeah, Salinas isn't going to have a family. Any fetus he fathers will be aborted.

Screw the libs!

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