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Thursday, June 16, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Kerry dumber than Bush' (Now the GPA doesn't mean crap)

Liberals are so predictable. UH Daily Cougar Opinion Columnist David Salinas who unfortunately is back from his trip to California where he picked oranges with his migrant worker family is busily displaying the most normal of faults of liberals.

Attention Houston,
David Salinas turns 21 this month, so with him now available to drink, his writing has already deteriorated to a point of worthlessness, and judging from his first attempt this summer since he turned of age, he is now drinking up the nights just because he can. Liberals can never exercise any self control, as seen recently with Senator Durbin's love of Al-Qaeda prisoners.

In his tripe today "
Remember, GPA is just a number," Salinas again is lowering the standards of all college students just so his guy, John F. Kerry, doesn't look so bad against the President who got higher ratings in college than Kerry did, who by the way looked like a pervert when he was in college.

Salinas eagerly downplays the releasing of Kerry's education records from his time in the Ivy League, who collectively scored a point or two lower than Bush during their early years in college. Liberals had to dig to find a class that Kerry beat Bush in -- "with Kerry's highest being an 89 in political science and an Bush's an 88 in anthropology." How pathetic the liberals and Salinas are to stoop to te gutter again. The elections been over for over six months now -- KERRY LOST!

Salinas can continue to berate Bush, but he can't take away the fact that Bush won the election fair and square. America clearly rejected liberalism, yet liberals continue to deny the fact that they are being abandoned on a daily basis.

Salinas attacks Bush's achievement of getting into Harvard's business school, comparing it to the "University of Michigan's affirmative action policy a couple of years ago, with students holding ridiculous bake sales and offering lower prices for those of a minority race." Yep. The alcohol is really doing its thing wasting Salinas' already warped brain.

Salinas destroys the reputation of the Ivy League colleges commenting on their irrelevancy as "institutes of 'high esteem'" just because President went there and beat John Kerry academically. Salinas on multiple occasions had to mention "Bush averaged a C in college" just to prop Kerry up, because this story is really about Kerry.

Salinas maintains the elite "will always have its own system, and on occasion someone can come along and break in, like President Clinton." And guess what the fellatio receiving guy is most known for -- other than being a lousy President.

Salinas is the hero of 'low class' colleges like UH saying "you can succeed at any college anywhere and have a completely fulfilling life," even going so far as to note the achievement of US Representative Tom DeLay who graduated from UH in 1970 but whom Salinas loathes without having met.

Salinas chides Republicans for going on television and radio and celebrating Bush's achievements over Kerry. For this the Republicans play the liberals game and are slammed for the venture. I suppose only liberals can play the liberal medias game and get away with it.

Salinas touts Kerry's falsisms like the Purple Hearts and his other military awards, then goes on about Kerry 101 making him look Kennedyesk, saying the Kerry did "experienced [] the real world, [and] not [a]cozy Yale dorm room."

Salinas in the end apologizes for "trying [not] to demean the importance of college," because hey he's in college and does not want to "move back home and live in [his] parents' attic." I bet the prisoners at Gitmo have it better than Salinas has in his cubicle at Mommy and Daddy's house. Salinas then goes on to tell us that he's smarter than both Kerry and Bush by taking basket weaving and journalism courses he makes "the dean's list nearly every semester."

"Grades don't determine how valuable we are,"
Salinas says. "They're just numbers that signify how much we care about them."

Don't worry David, "what matters in life is not what rank you graduated with or how much money you make," and with your liberal self Salinas, you won't mount to much in life anyway.

Screw the libs!

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