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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'PETA killing 84% of the animals they take in' (Liberals stop your donations to PETA)

PETA spokeswoman Lisa Lange was on Your World w/Cavuto trying to explain why PETA kills 84% of the animals they take in. PETA employees have been jailed for animal cruelty charges and dumping animals they have killed.

Neil clobbered Lange and PETAs case was worthless. PETA recently got on KFC's tail for allegedly being cruel and demanded many firings, and now that they asses are in the fryer and they refuse to fire any employees. That's liberalism for you -- do as I say and not as I do.

Stop your donations to PETA because they go to fattening liberal wallets in the stupid organization and not to caring for animals.

Screw the libs!

Why is no one demanding an investigation of PETA's euthanization practices??? This is horrendous. Is everyone scared of them or something?
PETA is a liberal group, and they can get away with anything if the liberal media is on their side. FOX News Channel is not buying their tripe, and neither do I.

The local SPCA fights not to euthanize dogs. I saw a Weather Channel Storm Stories report where the Houston SPCA was shipping dogs as far away as California after Tropical Storm Allison, just so they would not have to euthanize an animal.

PETA's rate of 80 something percent is cruel and unusal and needs to be stopped.
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