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Saturday, June 04, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberals report koran being kicked: Page 1/Headline News' (Insurgents beheading an American: Page 20/small news column)

Liberals will report the smallest war news stories that makes America look back, but when it comes to Americans being attacked or beheaded where is the news about that?

Who cares about the koran -- I don't. Islam doesn't have respect for the Holy Bible so why should I respect their so-called 'holy' document.

America is gullible. We are giving more relevance to worthless people who want to kill us, and liberals say to "be fair" we must give the minority the right to kill us.

Screw "the rights of the minority" and the libs!

i agree. why SHOULD you care about anything outside of your cushy little christian world? all this talk about respecting differences is lame anyway. i mean really, what can be accomplished by narrowing the gaps of ignorance in order for people to better understand one another? also, why SHOULD we let the actions of a few nuts lead us to drop our unfounded hatred of a large cross section of the human population? after all, we need to hate SOMEONE, right? maybe you ought to actually LISTEN to the words of jesus. spiritually, it's a lot more effective than just putting words in his mouth.
I respect things outside the Christian world liberal as long as it doesn't get Americans killed.
Just FYI, I linked to your article from Who Cares about the Koran.
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