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Thursday, June 30, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Jim McCormick 'Hater of the Creationist' (Continues summer series of tripe)

In today's excuse that the University of Houston calls its daily newspaper -- the Daily Cougar, they again turn to one of their resident atheist opinion columnist Jim McCormick, lead by Arch-Bitch-up Giugi Carminati of the Church of UH liberalism, in their continuing efforts to stand against everything good and righteous and American.

In his tripe today "
Creationists: Get with the program" McCormick continues his summer campaign against religion and life this time railing against "the deleterious effects of the rise to political prominence of Christian fundamentalism." Pardon me Jim, I think your about eleven years to late, but that's normal with liberals.

A firm "believer" that no one read his previous waist of trees,
McCormick had to remind UH weak minded students that "if you missed my last column, [] you might want to check it out in The Daily Cougar's archives." Yeah, like any student is going to waist their time searching to read the crap that you put out McCormick.

McCormick cheaply attacks the Creationist as if he were an Iranian terrorist (known by liberals as an insurgent) in Iraq bombing US troops. He gives us a lesson on Scopes, commonly known as the 'Scopes Monkey Trial' where creation vs. evolution fought it out in July 1925 -- creationism won. Evidently McCormick has been pissed ever since.

McCormick brings up the modern Kansas case that mirrors Scopes. I say big whoops -- let the schools teach what they want to teach. If parents don't like it, then they have the choice to move their children to a different school that teaches what they want. But no, with McCormick the very mention of "God" or "Christian fundamentalist" rings horrors to his worldview that calls for the downfall of American society as we know it.

McCormick says he doesn't care about creationist motives, but I'm not buying it. He pretends to respect their views but says there "are questions based on false premises and loaded language" when coupled with creationism. He calls religious leaders "power-hungry men" and resents their influence over the sane Conservative population that America offers. The liberals of course do not attend church, and if they do, do not take their teachings seriously -- since they might attend church on Sunday, but cursed God at the election booth.

McCormick brings to light "problems" of both sides of the argument, but he is hell bent for evolution, and wants to shove it down the throat of even those who don't care for it. Look, even the Roman Catholic church has acknowledged evolution and sees that it has its part in the classroom, but I'm not going to make a federal case about it.

McCormick doesn't care, his mission is to destroy those "religious people" and what they stand for. No McCormick has to bring to light experiment after experiment that keeps adding to the score for his side, while throwning water on the flame of creationism. Look dude, let people learn what they want to learn, when they want to learn it.

With his waist of trees complete,
McCormick asks the question if Darwin's work "has led to the saving of lives" and challenged "when was the last time your religious leader wrote something that did that?"

McCormick I'll tell you since you don't have one. Religious leaders are not in the business of "savings lives," they are in the business of "savings souls."

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Tyler Nelson 'Back on track' (Puts 'Chappaquid' dick Kennedy in his place)

Yesterday in Tyler Nelson's commentary "Teddy's Iraq, Vietnam analogy way off," Nelson showed the UH Daily Cougar a little class, definitely much more class that will grace the Cougar on Thursday that being Giugi Carminati's worthless waist of trees.

Nelson correctly places Senator Ted Kennedy on the lowest rung when he explains from the Conservative point of view 'Chappaquid' dicks assailing of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld "for his [alleged] 'mishandling' of the war in Iraq". 'Chappaquid' dick, who views war from the template of Vietnam sees "'no end in sight' in Iraq and called the war a 'quagmire'."

Nelson takes no prisoners, and rightly blames 'Chappaquid' dicks brother for starting the mess that brought about the mixing of 'quagmire' and Vietnam. He points to the self-loathing 'Chappaquid' dick who most people find "ridculous that he can honestly say with a straight face that the situation in Iraq is anything close to that of Vietnam."

Nelson rightly compares the United States losses in Vietnam -- 58,000 -- to the current losses in Iraq -- 1,700. Hell, the Battle of the Kasserine Pass, the US's first real battle in Africa during World War II, we took over 6,000 casualties. If the liberals of yesterday had the mentality that the libs of today have, the US might be a mixture of Japanese and German, or a completely wimp country that surrenders just because of somebody in the military died fighting for freedom.

Nelson realizes that and yes, "we have lost over 1,700 U.S soldiers since Operation Iraqi Freedom began," but those lives have not been lost in vain.

An aborted fetus is lost in vain, but not American soldiers in Iraq. Self loathing liberals will lower themselves to the slimiest levels to make the US look bad in any light.
Nelson notes that "in Iraq we have lost less than 3 percent of the lives that were lost in Vietnam."

Nelson sticks it in the libs faces asking 'did Vietnam ever hold free elections'? Not to mention that if field commanders were given free reign in Vietnam, we might have even won that war.

No one can rightly finish a piece on 'Chappaquid' dick without pointing out that Kennedy is a "man that should be locked up for his reckless behavior that resulted in the death of a young lady" which was promptly covered up by his rich and arrogant family, and it was lapped up by the liberals.

Nelson continues "this is the same Ted Kennedy that got kicked out of Harvard for cheating on a Spanish exam -- que ejemplo eres, Teddy!" and was again covered up by his rich and arrogant family, and it was again lapped up by the liberals.

Nelson continues to attack and attack 'Chappaquid' dick, and takes no part in appeasing the liberals. WAY TO GO TYLER! The liberals deserve no respect for what they stand for, and they need to continually be hound for the worthless people they are. They hate America, they hate our President, they love the enemy, they love the people that hate America.

I loved
Nelson's quip that if 'Chappaquid' dicks "last name wasn't Kennedy, he would either be a janitor somewhere in Massachusetts or in prison." What have the people of Massachusetts done to deserve Kennedy in the Senate for four decades.

Tyler keep it up. You are continuing the guerilla fight to combat the liberals. The libs are full of hot air, they are a worthless shell like the KGB. The liberals cower in fear when challenged.

UH Liberal Haters blog as far as I can tell is the first serious challenge to the previously unobstructed liberal purveyors of scum on the UH campus. I have been called names, but I have never really been challenged on a topic where I had been forced to back down. Check the comments.

Liberal blowhards are wimps, they actually believe we can chant our enemies into peace. Liberals talk crap, but when challenged intellectually they fall by the wayside, and we Conservatives should not feel sorry for these liberals when they lose. They will certainly stab us and the US in the back when they win.

Nelson, keep up good work, and do not feel sorry for the liberals. In fact, when you write, think of yourself as a liberal opposed to a healthy fetus about to be born -- kill that fetus because its the enemy; suck the brains out of that fetus so that it will not challenge you intellectually. Do it to them Tyler before they do it to you.

Monday, June 27, 2005


UH Liberal Haters Store Launched

In another swipe at UH liberalism the UH Liberal Haters have launch the UH Liberal Haters Store. Now is your chance to strike back at Giugi Carminati, David Salinas, Jim McCormick, Nick Somarkis, and all the other worthless UH liberal commentators, as well as UH Daily Cougar Editorial Staff in their efforts to turn the UH weak minded students against the greatness of the United States.

The UH Liberal Haters Store offers apparel, housewares, posters and prints to UH Conservatives who want to stick it to the liberals as the walk about the UH campus.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Giugi Carminati 'Hater of President Bush' (Continues 'Hate America' Series w/Amnesty International as ally)

I prayed for no Giugi Carminati column on Tuesday and since liberals don't believe in God the column ran. In the continuation of Carminati's goal for the future downfall of America by whining and complaining sane people to death, Carminati focuses on Amnesty International in hopes of luring UH's weak minded to her mind molestation room.

Carminati's support of Amnesty International is another great example of her detest for the United States. Amnesty International at one time was a great organization which rallied to the cause of liberty, but has since fallen off sharply when it was high-jacked by the left.

The United States has liberated millions of people in the last few years, and yet the leftist
Amnesty International continues to bash Bush for achievements that will forever cement his place in the history of the Presidency, and its not for oral sex episodes as with Clinton.

The left hates freedom. The left embraces Islam yet forsakes Christianity. The left hates a successful US economy and anything that makes the US look good in this time when liberals are out of power. If you are not suffering, the liberals do not feel good.
Carminati definitely feels that way -- she's abandoned the cause of liberty and embraced socialism on her way to communism -- and of her relishing in your misery.

Giugi has been busy this summer. The oral sex and intercourse room idea at Houston's high schools is now in committee with her presentation scheduled for July 6th. (We don't know if she will be demonstrating oral sex in front of the committee, but a DVD of her in action is being prepared). She just concluded her second youth sex seminar with teaches young inner-city teen girls ages 12 - 16 proper ways of giving oral sex -- she's a great teacher. Today she takes a break from advising the ACLU on another 'Hate America' rally scheduled in conjunction with the Fourth of July weekend to bring us her worthless ideas on how America should be in the liberal way. By the way, the ACLU freely supports the Man-Boy Love Association so you get the see a little more of the inner workings of Carminati's perverted mind.

In her latest summer attempt at educating UH weak minded students this semester, the malodorous pride of the
Honors College and now UH law student, Giugi Carminati, the UH Daily Cougar columnist and UH College Democrat officer, continues her 'Hate America Series' this time with the premise that whatever Carminati believes in or supports is bad for America of which I've proved over and over again. I will submit to you that her written word on Amnesty International is pure crap and it is because of her pure arrogance that Giugi still waste trees for the Daily Cougar.

Giugi's tripe yesterday "Bush brushes off Amnesty report," which I did not want to address until today, because I was at the Bentwater Yacht Club early Tuesday fishing and did not take the time with Giugi. There are better things in life than dealing with Carminati and I am enjoying life in my new house and being closer to my nephews.

Carminati proudly proclaims Amnesty International's Annual Report as being a "severe blow" to the Bush Administration. Sure. Here again we have the Bush Administration accused of good things such as "moral leadership" and "spreading freedom" -- things that liberals loath.

The insanity of the Amnesty report stating that the US war effort "undermine[s] human rights in the name of security" is outright bullcrap. The US has done nothing but extend human rights and Carminati and the liberals know it. The allegations of torture against detainees are outrageous. If things were going bad in Iraq you know theirs attention would be there instead of the alleged torture crap. The liberals give more credibility to the detainees that to our own soldiers. The liberals praise Islam, and curse Christianity.

So what if the detainess "have not been found guilty of anything." It has been proven that those released from Club G'itmo have fought again and some have been recaptured, so why release them? Because it will kills American soldiers, which liberals cheer for.

Carminati's belief that "we cannot claim to lead the world by example when we don’t abide by fundamental human rights standards" is again crap. Our so-called "abuse" is minuscule to what the enemy does to American and coalition prisoners.

What part of THE ENEMY CHOPPING OFF AMERICAN HEADS don't you understand Carminati -- who equates the chopping off of heads with the turning off and on of the air conditioning of Al-Qaeda prisoners. Who. Liberals. That's who.

I don't think the majority of Americans care if we abuse Al-Qaeda prisoners anyway. Al-Qaeda doesn't play by the rules so why should Americans be subjected with "so-called" abuses of Al-Qaeda prisoners. I guarantee you if a democratic president was in the White House instead of a Republican President, we would not be hearing of the tripe the media is report out of Club G'itmo. Carminati hates America, the President, and the Republicans so much that she is willing to help Al-Qaeda win the war on terror.

Giugi overlooks Islam which treats women like dogs, while she pisses on the greatness that made America great. Yes the US has had it problems, but its damn sure better that the pre-medieval attitude than Arabs still exhibit.

Carminati yields that "this country did rid Iraq of Saddam Hussein, which qualifies as spreading freedom" but she, like the rest of the liberals are absolutely convinced that the US is abusing "human rights and condone[s] torture." Hence Carminati's hate for the US.

Carminati rejects the "all or none" principle when it comes to the war on terrorism. She instead is looking for the "proportional response" when it comes to war. I'm sorry Carminati, this is not October 1962, and we are not threatened with nuclear war. We don't need to evaluate each of the terrorist infractions and "assess them individually," we need to kick ass and take names to ensure our future. Carminati maintains that "hardlining is for individuals who cannot or will not use enough mental capacities to process more than one opinion at a time," which again gives us a glimpse of her gullibleness. Being kind will just get more Americans killed.

Carminati lauds the leftist Amnesty for stepping "up to the plate" and taking the role of "pointing fingers at the goliath of world relations." She condemns President Bush and his insistance that those being "held in detention, people who hate America, people that had been trained in some instances to disassemble" the fine country we have made for ourselves -- hopefully one day free of all liberals.

Carminati insistance that "torture took place" against the enemy runs cold when placed against the "beheading of Americans" the enemy has committed -- which she never comes close to mentioning in her waste of trees.

Carminati questions "what are we trying to achieve, where are we going, and is this the route that we really want to take?" She wants the US to play the unarmed "Bobby Cop" against the sub-machine gun carrying terrorist, who willing gives his life for the seventy virgins in the after life. Carminati actually believes that its fair, because she loves to see dead American bodies on the TV screen.

Carminati's thinking that the US is "egregiously violating the rights of human beings" is totally absurd. She has completely forgotten September 11th, the day when the human rights of 3,000 Americans were violated, and gives credibility to the terrorists by not acknowledging their worst offenses.

Carminati's non-American status makes it easy for her to write her tripe against President Bush and the United States. She has no conscious, she has no heart. The only thing good about Carminati is her oral talents.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Falls for it again' (Actually believes 'Downing Street Memo' real)

As if a porn starlet who is engaging is the swapping of the top dems spermatic prize with a friend, today UH Daily Cougar Opinion Columnist David Salinas who recently turned 21 and is now drinking legitimately, obviously displays his lack of handling alcohol and organizing thoughts in his brain with a pen in his hand or with a notebook on his lap.

In his tripe today "
Memo reveals presidentís true aim," which should have read "Memo reveals president's true aim,"
Salinas again regurgitates liberal crap that he hopes that UH weak minded students have not been exposed too in hoping to turn them to the dark side of liberalism. In his latest attempt to stave off the draft so he doesn't have to serve, Salinas is afraid that the rising death toll in the war on terror will initiate another draft in the US. Don't worry David the US military will not want your worthless ass anyway.

Salinas, likes many liberals believes that the Downing Street Memo "sheds more light on how this president used lies and American lives for his own ideological and political gain." The only problem is: THE DOWNING STREET MEMO DOES NOT EXIST.

Salinas does not tell you this nor the fact that the original memo was copied and the faked original destroyed which had been admitted by the initial reporter. Does this not smell of RatherGate with those fake documents.

Salinas informs the UH weak minded students that the Downing Street Memo was "the reasoning for going to war in Iraq" and of course cannot be confirmed. Pardon me, did not Senator John F. "Wanna-be Kennedy" Kerry say recently at the beginning of the month that he was going to "raise the issue" of the Downing Street Memo and was coming back to America to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Bush. Well, where are the charges liberals?

Salinas goes on to give a history lesson of the fake document, stuff that Salinas himself probably doesn't believe and then attempts to give legitimacy to his argument by noting Bush's "approval rating was at 42 percent." Salinas is glad that Americans are moving away from "moral values" and shifting back to 'hating America' in the liberals quest to make America a true 'Pol Pot hell.'

Salinas jabs and jabs at Bush noting "soaring gas prices" and the "soaring death rates of the soldiers in Iraq." I've got news for you Salinas, you worthless piece of crap, if you were the Commander at Iwo Jima the casualties would have been much higher than 1,700, and that was just for a few days.

I try to not 'hate' liberals, but sometimes they make you want to just drive by their dying bodies on the side of the road. I admit that Republicans and Americans are gullible.

Hell, we even want Al-Qaeda to like us. Our liberals want us to lose just because Bush is in office and he'll get credit. Libs compare our prison camps to the Soviets, Nazis, and Pol Pot, when the prisoners have never had it so good. Libs don't want solutions to problems while the Republicans are in charge, because the Republicans will get credit. The only winners are the liberal elite because they are treated like royalty by their liberal friends in the media and are always thrown softball questions in interviews. Salinas will never tell you any of this.

Salinas says on the war on terrorism "there is no bigger failure than the war in Iraq." My God, what is his state of mind when he writes this crap. Here we have a 21 years beer and tequila drinking college student, never served a day in the military, and has no intention of serving, yet he insults those who are putting their lives on their lives on the line so that Salinas' Mexican ass can write crap about them.

David shut-up. America surely aborts more than 1,700 fetuses a day, and probably about the same amount of Americans are killed in auto accidents on a daily basis. The 1,700 American casualties over two years appears bad, but hell we lost thousands more in many battles in previous wars. Soldiers know the risk in a combat zone, and I don't see any liberals touting deserters do I.

Salinas has no concept about war. He doesn't believe any country has done anything good in Iraq, Afghanistan. He questions "what is victory in Iraq?" Salinas tries to drum up support for impeachment but he builds a "false case," even he does not believe will come to fruition.

Salinas is an embarrassment to himself and his family. He needs to question his values, and determine if he wants to have a family, what world does he want his kids to live in?

Oh yeah, Salinas isn't going to have a family. Any fetus he fathers will be aborted.

Screw the libs!


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'PETA killing 84% of the animals they take in' (Liberals stop your donations to PETA)

PETA spokeswoman Lisa Lange was on Your World w/Cavuto trying to explain why PETA kills 84% of the animals they take in. PETA employees have been jailed for animal cruelty charges and dumping animals they have killed.

Neil clobbered Lange and PETAs case was worthless. PETA recently got on KFC's tail for allegedly being cruel and demanded many firings, and now that they asses are in the fryer and they refuse to fire any employees. That's liberalism for you -- do as I say and not as I do.

Stop your donations to PETA because they go to fattening liberal wallets in the stupid organization and not to caring for animals.

Screw the libs!

Monday, June 20, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Open Season on Celebs' (Screw liberal celebs who get expert status just for being a celeb)

I'm glad its open season on liberal celebrities. Cruise getting a water facial, and now DiCaprio being assaulted with a beer bottle is music to my ears.

Celebrities don't deserve any respect at all. Besides Ben Stein, Mel Gibson and a few other Conservative celebs, few Hollywood types get my respect.

The non-sense that Congress bows to liberal celebs just because they played some character in a movie is beyond belief.

I'm glad that Cruise got facialed and DiCaprio got bottled. Keep it up celeb haters.

Back to UH liberalism tommorrow. Please God, no Carminati. (My apologies to the liberals).

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Greetings from San Fran

The band is playing here in a club here in San Francisco. I saw a UH cap and realized that it has been a long while since I made an entry on the blog. Luckily the club we are at has wireless access. I am borrowing a patrons laptop to make this entry.

Liberals are rampant here. You have to have permission to practically use the restroom. I can't imagine living here.

It is incredibly cool here. Like less than 70 degrees. I'm glad I took some advise and brought along a windbreaker because I needed it. Went to the Golden Gate today, and the wind chill had me with my windbreaker and a borrowed sweat shirt.

Anyway, getting my call now, the technical trouble is over, and its time to get back to work.

Houston, be glad you are not in San Francisco. Liberals don't care about offending mothers, children, mankind with their open displays.

Friday, June 17, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberals cannot do anything but bash' (Dick Durbin's comments make US out to be bad guy when they are not)

A recent post to the Lone Star Times blog, which is closely associated with The Voice radio station, showed deeply the incompetence that liberals maintain in responding to heartfelt comments made by Conservatives.

Recently, Senator Dick Durbin, Socialist Democrat from Illinois, compared our base at Club G'itmo which houses well treated Al-Qaeda prisoners, to the Soviets, Pol Pot, and Nazis, who killed millions and millions.

Dick was a dick and did not apologize for his comments, thus insulting former and current members of the US military. Liberal are desperate and since things are going well in Iraq and Afghanistan they are trying to make up things about things that mean nothing to the American people.

In these good times, CBS News opened with depressing news yesterday and made it seem like the United States is losing the war and the world is falling apart. Liberals in the media don't know they are destroying their own future. The blogs are taking over, cable television is taking over, and someday soon the even news on ABC, NBC, and especially CBS will not exist.

The negative notions put forth by the liberal media are wearing thin with the public; they know all the tricks. I firmly believe that the majority of American people know the difference when the liberal media is reporting tripe and when they are not.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, June 16, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas 'Kerry dumber than Bush' (Now the GPA doesn't mean crap)

Liberals are so predictable. UH Daily Cougar Opinion Columnist David Salinas who unfortunately is back from his trip to California where he picked oranges with his migrant worker family is busily displaying the most normal of faults of liberals.

Attention Houston,
David Salinas turns 21 this month, so with him now available to drink, his writing has already deteriorated to a point of worthlessness, and judging from his first attempt this summer since he turned of age, he is now drinking up the nights just because he can. Liberals can never exercise any self control, as seen recently with Senator Durbin's love of Al-Qaeda prisoners.

In his tripe today "
Remember, GPA is just a number," Salinas again is lowering the standards of all college students just so his guy, John F. Kerry, doesn't look so bad against the President who got higher ratings in college than Kerry did, who by the way looked like a pervert when he was in college.

Salinas eagerly downplays the releasing of Kerry's education records from his time in the Ivy League, who collectively scored a point or two lower than Bush during their early years in college. Liberals had to dig to find a class that Kerry beat Bush in -- "with Kerry's highest being an 89 in political science and an Bush's an 88 in anthropology." How pathetic the liberals and Salinas are to stoop to te gutter again. The elections been over for over six months now -- KERRY LOST!

Salinas can continue to berate Bush, but he can't take away the fact that Bush won the election fair and square. America clearly rejected liberalism, yet liberals continue to deny the fact that they are being abandoned on a daily basis.

Salinas attacks Bush's achievement of getting into Harvard's business school, comparing it to the "University of Michigan's affirmative action policy a couple of years ago, with students holding ridiculous bake sales and offering lower prices for those of a minority race." Yep. The alcohol is really doing its thing wasting Salinas' already warped brain.

Salinas destroys the reputation of the Ivy League colleges commenting on their irrelevancy as "institutes of 'high esteem'" just because President went there and beat John Kerry academically. Salinas on multiple occasions had to mention "Bush averaged a C in college" just to prop Kerry up, because this story is really about Kerry.

Salinas maintains the elite "will always have its own system, and on occasion someone can come along and break in, like President Clinton." And guess what the fellatio receiving guy is most known for -- other than being a lousy President.

Salinas is the hero of 'low class' colleges like UH saying "you can succeed at any college anywhere and have a completely fulfilling life," even going so far as to note the achievement of US Representative Tom DeLay who graduated from UH in 1970 but whom Salinas loathes without having met.

Salinas chides Republicans for going on television and radio and celebrating Bush's achievements over Kerry. For this the Republicans play the liberals game and are slammed for the venture. I suppose only liberals can play the liberal medias game and get away with it.

Salinas touts Kerry's falsisms like the Purple Hearts and his other military awards, then goes on about Kerry 101 making him look Kennedyesk, saying the Kerry did "experienced [] the real world, [and] not [a]cozy Yale dorm room."

Salinas in the end apologizes for "trying [not] to demean the importance of college," because hey he's in college and does not want to "move back home and live in [his] parents' attic." I bet the prisoners at Gitmo have it better than Salinas has in his cubicle at Mommy and Daddy's house. Salinas then goes on to tell us that he's smarter than both Kerry and Bush by taking basket weaving and journalism courses he makes "the dean's list nearly every semester."

"Grades don't determine how valuable we are,"
Salinas says. "They're just numbers that signify how much we care about them."

Don't worry David, "what matters in life is not what rank you graduated with or how much money you make," and with your liberal self Salinas, you won't mount to much in life anyway.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Giugi Carminati 'Disappointed over EU vote' (Sees a united Europe as first step to a one world government)

I thought Giugi Carminati was taking the summer to form liberal policy and plan the future downfall of America. Oh wait, liberals don't formulate policy -- they just complain and whine to their friends in the liberal media about Republican policy. Carminati said she was working with the American Communist League Union or ACLU this summer striving for ways to help terrorists find their way into the country and wreak havoc on our soil, not to mention working with the city and school district for intercourse and oral sex rooms at Houston's high schools and youth sex seminars for young inner-city teen girls to teach teenage girls ages 12 - 16 proper ways of giving oral sex.

Carminati takes a break from advising young girls about proper eye contact, different varieties of tongue movements, and proper gripping and maneuvering techniques to talk about the European Disunion. Carminati cried the day her beloved France voted down the proposed EU Constitution because of French selffishness, and in turn blamed the United States for the faults of the stinking French. How much have the French contributed to the safety of the world as of late Giugi?

The answer -- NOTHING. Because the French would have surrendered to the terriorist on September 12, 2001.

In her latest summer attempt at educating UH weak minded students this semester the malodorous pride of the
Honors College and now UH law student, Giugi Carminati, the UH Daily Cougar columnist and UH College Democrat officer, continues her 'Hate America Series' this time with the premise to convince weak minded UH students that we need to give the European nations more time in letting them get their act together. Bull crap. The only way the EU Constitution will be passed is if the French write the damn thing, and only the French people are allowed to vote for the damn thing. It ain't going to happen.

Giugi's tripe today "Economics a deal breaker in the EU," Carminati doesn't call the French and Dutch NO! votes "a blow to the solidity or the unity" to the continent nor "even a setback." But where does she go to try and explain the selffishness of the French -- the United States. Yes, Carminati examines the history of the country she hates -- the United States -- to try and explain away the dismal performance of the first two votes on the EU Constitution.

Carminati gives us a history lesson on the US Constitution of 1789 and how the EU Constitution requires unanimity, not just a three-quarters approval to pass the measure as with the US Constitution. I've got news for you Giugi, the US Constitution wouldn't have been passed if it were to be a unanimous vote.

Europes liberal mentality that all people should think alike believe that unanimity would be a cakewalk -- it wasn't. It should have never been a unanimous vote to start with because a whole continent cannot and will not agree on anything. With
Carminati being a liberal, she of all people should know that.

Carminati calls the US Constitution "remarkable" and left it open for crisis. Well duh Giugi, but at least it got passed and was never voted down.

Carminati looks to the EU Constitution as the first step in her prized one world government. In twenty-five years Carminati will be running for President of the World. Oh we can only hope. Sure.

Carminati sees the EU Constitutional situation like "swimming through a difficult sea." She says "unanimity is difficult to achieve and leaves little space for compromise." Well Carminati its not going to happen, and your giving of hope that it will happen is like the Democrats promising African Americans the promised land, which they will not see as long as the remain under the thumbnail of the rich white liberal.

Carminati continues her rant saying "few members of the American public have taken the time to look over the tremendous document that the European Constitution represents." Well I didn't know the US had to care about the EU Constitution. And if the US expressed an interest in the EU Constitution, wouldn't you think the Europeans would tell the US to stay out of Europe's affairs.

Carminati decides that the "French and Dutch voted against ratification for a variety of reasons." Carminati states that "one of these [reasons] was that the [EU]Constitution is considered too economically liberal" meaning that the French don't want Polish plumbers coming into France and undercutting the lazy French who value their vacation and downtime more than go old French hardwork.

Carminati fails to report on Europe's unemployment rate which is almost triple ours. Carminati proudly proclaims the safety net which devistates Europes budgets and allows for no to slow growth in their economies. Europe is a dead continent economically -- when was the last time anyone saw "Made in France" on a label.

Carminati continues her love of liberal government womb to the tomb care for European citizens, but "for Europe to maintain its standard of living, it must refuse to adopt a completely liberal economic system" meaning that liberals in Germany are not going to be paying the social security of liberal retirees in France.

Carminati see the EU Constitutional failure as "an advancement". "Proof" she says, "that the voice of the people has the power to alter the course of history." The only problem there will never be a total agreement of the people, unless communism revisits Europe.

Carminati tries to explain that nothing Europe does is still covered by the EU's version of the Articles of Confederation so "nothing has really been lost."

I resented
Carminati's use of the phrase "and look how far we have come" when she was trying to explain the US Constitution. To me, Carminati is not an American. Carminati is European, and you can see it in the way she writes with revererence for Europe and detest for the US.

Carminati, Europe can do no wrong, while if the United States cough, she complains like the devil. She urges the UH weak minded that Europe must maintain an open mind and not to "accept headlines of failure," which is completely the opposite of what Carminati preaches in the US.

Carminati lastly reminds us to "keep in mind that the EU is one of the biggest feats to be attempted this century." No, I thought that the biggest feat was the US bailing out Europe every time it got in a world war.

Screw the libs!

Monday, June 13, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist 'Liberals expected to write joyfully on Jackson' (Aquittal of Jackson shows stupidity of liberal juries in LA)

I'm calling it right now. One of the liberal columnist in the UH Daily Cougar, the excuse that the University of Houston calls its daily newspaper, will write openly of Michael Jackson's innocence saying that he should have never been accused at all in the first place. I look forward to it as much as I look forward to another worthless column from opinion columnist Jim McCormick on stem cell research, or worst yet, another waste of trees from Giugi Carminati, the UH Daily Cougar's chief mind molester of UH weak minded students, the malodorous pride of the Honors College and now UH law student -- my sympathies to Albertus Magnus.

The Michael Jackson verdict today was a Godsend to child molesters everywhere which includes many UH liberal staffers and professors, and will be heralded by defense attorneys and worthless defendants for years to come in helping them defend their cases. No longer will the plaintiff be taken for his word, and the defendant will be given more legitimacty.

The implications of MJ jury's decision have not been realized yet since people who have no common sense are celebrating a child molesters release to freedom just because he's a celebrity. BS.

I embrace the fact that Jackson is flat broke. I hope him and his entire family wind up on skid row and have to eat beans. I have more net worth than Michael Jackson does simply because I don't molest little children like he does, and have been money management skills.

I again, am calling and will refer to this entry when some stupid to-be named UH Daily Cougar columnist writes about the stupid and worthless Michael Jackson giving him OJ status.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, June 09, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Marilyn Pustejovsky 'Integrity only applies to Republicans' (Liberals get a free ride to destroy our society)

Today in the UH Daily Cougar we are graced by another worthless guest columnist staffer probably looking for a promotion, so she writes a worthless blurb in the Cougar just to get noticed. Marilyn Pustejovsky, the Assistant Director of the Justin Dart, Jr. Center for Students with Disbilities, which means she cannot get a job in the real world, sits around in her office collecting $75k a year for doing absolutely nothing except spreading her brand of liberalism across the UH campus, takes on Republicans and how their actions are destroying society. Yeah right. Of course liberals have nothing to do with the destruction of society-- liberals are pristine -- as pure as the wind driven snow. Of course its a complete waste of trees.

In her tripe today "A commitment to integrity needed" Pustejovsky writes an unbalanced account of integrity and how its destroying American society. The four-degreed UH veteran rails against Republicans, but liberal Democrats are not to be mentioned in her void today. Her friends in the liberal media just wouldn't hear of it.

Pustejovsky or "Putz" as she is affectionately called asks why are we "so averse to taking personal responsibility for our decisions and their consequences" in our public officials. Her narrow mind can only muster examples like Tom DeLay, Tom Bolton, and the Abu Ghraib situation. How dense the woman is, she ought to be invited into Giugi Carminati's sexual circle.

Pustejovsky just like any other UH liberal regurgitates liberal news stories in another Nazi-like attempt to tell the same old lie in hopes of it becoming true. Of DeLay she writes "the media is full of the alleged violations of the ethical standards of the most powerful person in the House of Representatives." Hell anyone can say that, but with the liberal media reporting it enough it sticks.

Pustejovsky loves denouncing the US military and I bet she especially took delight in scribling her tripe about the Abu Ghraib prison while at the same time embracing Al-Qaeda as her friend.

Pustejovsky asks "what has become of our society's integrity?" The examples Pustejovsky stated are far more likely to being steadfastly adherenent to the strict moral or ethical code that liberals will.

Pustejovsky doesn't go near Howard Dean or Nevada Senator Harry Reid who outrightly put down the President and his supporters. Pustejovsky doesn't go near KKK Senator Robert Byrd, or Senator Kennedy, who walked about from a drowning woman at Chapaquitic just to save his worthless ass.

No, Pustejovsky won't mention the liberal purveyors of America's integrity problem, just those who are trying to destroy her liberal world. Pustejovsky tries to explain integrity in a way that probably turned many UH students away from her tripe by writing "personal integrity is a decision one makes to act in ways that support right behavior for one's self and for others whether or not it benefits self." Yes a liberal with personal integrity goes right off and has an abortion.

I was brought up believing that integrity was about being whole and complete, by being unimpaired and on a sound footing. Putz puts its in a way that leaves liberals a loophole out for supporting America's enemies, and not feeling bad about themselves in doing the stupid and selffish things they do.

Pustejovsky is an expert on "end-of-life issues" and has personally Schiavoed many individuals in hospice care when she worked in that industry. Pustejovsky believes "personal integrity is the foundation for all one's behavior," and fails to comprehend liberals contribution to the lack of integrity in today's society.

"Both a building (the democratic party) and a person's (liberals) standards collapse under their own weight when neglected." Liberals have for far to long neglected the needs of their constituency for far to long. When have they suggested a plan? They can't, because liberals have to wait till they get back in power before they suggest anything, since anything they suggest while the Republicans are in power will be shown for the fakes the liberals are. In the meantime liberal supporters are shat on with the idea that the promised land is right around the road when its decades away.

I'll bet you $10k that if the liberals ever regain power their will all of a sudden "be a problem with social security" and with many other problems the Republicans are trying to correct today. Liberals are sacrificing their constituents for the "hope" of saving them one day.

Pustejovsky in no way convicts DeLay or Bolton. No, to Pustejovsky it's not the nature of the evidence, it's the seriousness of the charge. Pustejovsky writes of trying to close the integrity gap, but she crosses her fingers in the hope of widening the gulf between liberals and conservatives. Hell, she has the liberal media on her side.

Pustejovsky tries to impose the statement "likewise a nation stands or falls on the integrity of its citizens," which I believe is tripe. The liberal media plays a great part in that. Would Germany's citizens have supported the holocaust if they knew exactly what was going on? That's Pustejovsky for you -- another worthless influencer of the UH weak minded student.

Pustejovsky closes her tripe by encouraging us to "commit to a level of personal integrity that positively affects all with whom we come in contact; setting standards that everyone who is associated with us, this university, and this nation can be proud." Well Marilyn Conservatives are already doing it, where are your precious liberals? -- acting as liberal role models for America's youth to be gay, abort as many fetuses as they can, support Al-Qaeda, and further contribute to the downfall of society in every possible way.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Tyler Nelson 'For once I disagree' (Give no advice to the libs on Dean)

Today in Tyler Nelson's commentary "Dean is hazardous for Democrats," I was a little taken aback. I agreed that "Howard Dean is the best thing that has happened to the Republican Party" in a good while, since Dean's mouth has been rubbing people the wrong way. What do you expect from democrats, since liberals always have a dry sense of humor and their efforts always seem to leave a bad taste in one's mouth as if they were Carminati after a session on her knees.

Nelson was always truthful in his writing about the Tom and Jerry exploits of Dean referencing the GOP and Republicans in general, by pointing out hateful Dean speech such as "I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for," which gives hope and support to America's enemies.

Nelson correctly wonders about Dean "who in their right mind would put a guy like that in a position of power?" The far wacko left that has ceased control of the democratic party and that's fine -- insane people will drive newcomers and donations away from the libs.

Nelson continues to point fact after fact about Dean's mouth running amuck. I was especially pissed when Dean said of "House Majority leader Tom DeLay: 'He ought to go back to Houston where he can serve his jail sentence.'"

Nelson take on the whole thing is that "voters will recognize this and will cast their ballot for a candidate that is endorsed by rational leaders that have integrity and character. All Dean is good for is mudslinging and baseless attacks on the opposition."

Now for the bad part.

I did not appreciate Nelson's Dr. Phil approach to helping democrats "to shut [Dean] up." Now if he wrote left I would probably agree with him, but I'm not going to give advice to a political enemy who would never offer a true hand of political friendship. Who knows, Dean can be Hitler reincarnated, and I did not see anybody offering help to Hitler.

We need to think that what Dean is saying is what the liberals exactly to hear, and are just afraid to say to avoid ruining their careers like Dean has ruined his. I would have hoped that Nelson would have picked up on it since only a few democrats have complained about Dean's words.

Dean's job is to raise money and not to be the center of the liberal world. The democrats have been constantly behind in fund raising -- you can't press aborted democrats for donations since they have been sucked away, and the 1% of people the libs pay attention to -- the Hollywood left and rich white liberals, pay up and receive 99% of the attention of the democrat elite.

I agree with Nelson, "the DNC is in trouble if this is the guy they are counting on to bring swing voters into their camp in the next Presidential election," but I will never offer help to liberals who will attack me with a knife if I turned my back to them.

I remember those words from "MI-2", "Hunt, you should have killed me."

Saturday, June 04, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Liberals report koran being kicked: Page 1/Headline News' (Insurgents beheading an American: Page 20/small news column)

Liberals will report the smallest war news stories that makes America look back, but when it comes to Americans being attacked or beheaded where is the news about that?

Who cares about the koran -- I don't. Islam doesn't have respect for the Holy Bible so why should I respect their so-called 'holy' document.

America is gullible. We are giving more relevance to worthless people who want to kill us, and liberals say to "be fair" we must give the minority the right to kill us.

Screw "the rights of the minority" and the libs!


UH Laptops Are A Missing

The Shadow knows.
Something the Univ. of Houston won't mention. Some hard driving news that they will not touch the pages of the student paper, any memo, or e-mail.
About 50 laptops are missing in the MD Anderson library. And that's just the library alone.
That's over 50K that is gone at the very least. Who is in charge of accountability? Fees are going up again. New fees are being created. I wonder why? We need Wayne Dolcefino to do an audit.
The Shadow knows. The fly on the wall of UH liberalism.

Friday, June 03, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Janice Rogers-Brown' (White liberals have another chance to keep another black American down)

A recent NOW alert is pleading with white liberals to please call their Senators and urge them to oppose the judicial nomination of Justice Janice Rogers-Brown, a qualified black American, to the D.C. Circuit Court.

Of course the white liberal lapdogs, black liberal organizations, are silent as usual as they await the fax for the "word" from the DNC to describe JRB, whether is be a lack of "gravitas" or "hubris," so be looking for another word soon.

Liberals complain that Justice Brown "has a history of hostility toward affirmative action, reproductive rights, etc" things that hurt the liberal base making them further dependent on white liberals.

Justice Brown has been described as more conservative than Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, and I would love the President to appoint her to the Supreme Court.

NOW pleads "Don't let Bush put another extremist [black woman] judge on one of the most influential courts in the land!"

Justice Janice Rogers-Brown worked her way up without Affirmative Action or the help of liberals. She is being described by liberal organizations such as NOW and the NAACP as extremist because she thinks about the future of society when she makes a decision.

The claims that her "court decisions reflect her desire to limit employment rights" are crazy, and she recognizes the lower pedestal that blacks are being put upon by white liberals with "her outright opposition to affirmative action."

Justice JRB stands out and is not afraid to take risk in confronting many issues involving liberals. Liberals cut and paste accusations against her in their attempts to smear her decisions dissenting from the majority.

Well liberals, its about time you start fighting for the rights of the black women minority!

Screw the libs!

Thursday, June 02, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Giugi Carminati 'Hater of Traditional Marriage' (Loves gay marriage and gay foster parents: anything that kills society)

Again Tyler Nelson way outclasses Giugi Carminati today with his excellent commentary "Hollywood still serving the left," bringing back memories of the "Red Star" over Hollywood, and in many ways exposing the present-day progressive movement (known as the communist during the days of McCarthy) for the liberals that they display themselves as today.

In her first attempt at educating UH weak minded students this summer the malodorous pride of the
Honors College and now UH law student, Giugi Carminati, the UH Daily Cougar columnist and UH College Democrat officer, continues her 'Hate America Series' this time with the premise to convince weak minded UH students that gay marriage is OK.

In fact
Carminati loves gay marriage so much she is going to encourage her children to be gay just so they can experience gay marriage and be more exposed to the AIDS community.

Giugi's tripe today "Anti-gay laws a waste of time,"
Carminati rails against the states "proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage" calling it what UH budget officials often say about the Daily Cougar liberal opinion page, it is "an utter and complete waste of time and money."

Carminati hates traditonal marriage as well as "the Defense of Marriage Act" which was passed by the Texas Legislature this past session which ended last month. The act simply states marriage is defined "as being between a man and a woman." If liberalism is to survive and to continue the downfall of society, Carminati insist that marriage be defined as marriage between two gay men or two lesbian women, or later a man and young boy, then men and goats, etc.

Carminati describes the Defense of Marriage Act a "CYB" bill that "introduce[s] discrimination into the Texas Constitution," which is of course complete bullcrap on Carminati's part which I find revolting.

Carminati compares gay marriage to the acceptance of interracial marriage in hopes that the UH weak minded student will not figure out that interracial marriage is a committment between a man and a woman. She continues in her lame way, "fundamentally, conservatives have lost the battle, and their attempts to modify our Constitution to fit their notions of propriety are a waste of time." Of course she neglects to tell us that the people of almost 20 states have voted overwhelmingly to rid their states of the disease of gay marriage, and if accepted will further lead to the downfall of society.

Carminati believes in changing times and mentalities. The old days when a Roman man could call on a boy for afternoon sex, and return to his wife and family in the evening after a hard day at the coliseum. She's hopeful that our society will once again to the good 'ol days. Well I say fat chance.

Besides gay marriage
Carminati also believes in exposing young children to homosexuality with the use of same-sex foster parents. She proudly proclaims the "bill has died, and that is something we can be pleased about."

Carminati attacks the "insinuations" against gay foster parents that she again calls "revolting." Why "the idea that gays are twisted, perverse and that they would harm a child," they only give everyone the notion that they boink each other in the ass and suck each others members, not to mention the thought of two men french kissing. Yeah that is the right thing to do with a foster child in the house.

Carminati again has a "Valley Girl" moment of brilliance. Did you know that "gay individuals are just like anybody else; the only difference is that they fall in love and are attracted to people of the same sex." Wow -- and this coming so close to the liberal discovery that "men are different from women."

Carminati urges the public to stay out of gay bedrooms and to "stop worrying about who does what to whom and how they do it." Sure don't worry about it -- until you have to pay for their AIDS treatment at the LBJ Hospital.

Carminati, the budding geneticists maintains "homosexuality is not a learned behavior" simply because "if it were, straight families would never have gay children" or porn stars either. She as usual only points out one side of the story just like the future liberal politician she is -- hopinge that the UH weak minded student will accept her version of events, as she willingly accepts any penis that is presented in front of her face. Carminati futilitly proclaims "tolerance is never something that we ought to be ashamed of."

I'm glad that more and more UH students are not tolerating the filth that UH students are being fed by liberals like
Carminati and the Daily Cougar opinion page eddys.

Screw the libs!

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