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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Jim McCormick 'Hater of the religious like Carminati' (Expect summer series of tripe on stem cell research)

Today in the excuse that the University of Houston calls its daily newspaper -- the Daily Cougar, they start off Summer 2005 with the same thing -- more liberalism.

In his tripe today "Dogma severs stem cells' potential" opinion columnist Jim McCormick has "been noting a disturbing trend in the realm of national politics" -- the growth of religion, and the influence that they have against liberal causes.

McCormick announced today his summer campaign against religion and life, probably obtained when he was sexually abused by a local neighborhood teen as a boy and liked it. McCormick sticks to using embroyos to "further stem cell research" and totally ignores the promising results from adult stem cells and stems cells from the umbilical cord.

McCormick assumes "most people, even abortion opponents, are generally in favor of" embryos being "destroyed under current policies, which is basically wasting human life," but with the way the liberal media poses questions, they can spin the 1940s holocaust against the Jews as a good thing as so goes with the liberal media.

McCormick believes like any liberal "these embryos will never become people." He won't tell you about the unpromising research of embroyos. He doesn't even consider them life. Oh yes, we will go to the end of the Earth to search for some microbe from Mars and call than life, but when it comes to an embroyo, liberals just want to use that as a outlet for their bad behavior.

McCormick loves to destroy life -- the thing he calls "a clump of cells." McCormick is such a hateful liberal that he does refer President Bush or "43" but to as "The Shrub."

I hope that President Bush vetoes the bill "if it passes the Senate: just to piss
McCormick off. McCormick, who always supports the destruction of fetal life, counters that Conservatives when given "a chance comes to save lives from various ailments, such as diabetes mellitus, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and a host of other such conditions, they refuse to act." Well at least those people were given a chance to live McCormick, which is a hell of lot more than you would do for a fetus -- you asshole.

McCormick talks of Presidential assassination of Bush like a lot of liberals, but a martyred Bush would sink the Democratic party and their liberal principles below the waterline for many years to come.

McCormick is the liberal doom and gloomer, spreading falsities at every turn and will do so for the entire summer. He is practically assuring the curing of every disease if this research goes ahead, and he does not know a damn thing. In time, the use of stem cells other than embroyonic will come about, and we will catch up with the rest of the world as we always do.

One thing I don't get is why are the liberals supporting the use of this new technology. Liberals hate this country and want to see its downfall. This technology is moving overseas and it is hurting the economy, but instead of liberals supporting overseas companies they want the US to benefit from this new technology which destroys new life.

McCormick calls for "more money [being] spent toward rational science education in this country," but with liberals in charge of our education institutions who rate everyone on whether they get "triangles" and "squares" rather than "A's" and "B's," how do they expect us to keep up?

America is not running away from "science in fear to the waiting arms of the religious right," we are being lead to a dumbed down society that is purposely designed to be dependent on liberalism.

Screw the libs!

I write just to piss you off liberal.

Stay off the crack and your writing ability might improve to legibility one day.
Those bastard liberals, trying to eat away at american society at it's moral core, down with them, down! Let's turn everyone of those unused stem cells into babies, they deserve a chance at life like everyone else. In fact, lets just start harvesting eggs from women, everytime they menstrate another preciouos potential life goes to waste, we should make menstration illegal, baby killers!
Liberals use of sarcasm does not work because they have no concept of genuine humor.
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