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Friday, May 27, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - XIII

- Liberals are moving from California, Oregon and all parts liberal to Texas. Hmm! Could it be they're overtaxed? Anyway, take their liberal asses back to where they came from.

- States with more taxation have two times less job growth than the few states with less taxation.

- Liberals don't believe that the poor are being hurt by high gas prices. In fact, liberals don't believe gas prices are high enough.

- Liberals want 'W' to lose at any cost, even if the US is hurt in the process by liberal friends - Al Qaeda.

- Liberals can only respond to UH Liberal Hater with "Get a Life".

- Newsweek and the UH Daily Cougar have the same mentality - they both print stuff that is totally false and gets people killed.

- Vincente Fox was wrong -- Mexican illegals do the jobs that liberals won't do.

- If there is a total disaster the fat will survive the longest.

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