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Thursday, May 05, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - XII

- The evening newcasts on ABC,CBS, and NBC is meant to liberalize society. It is designed to make the liberal side think they are winning when it isn't.

- Being labeled a liberal is an embarrassment to a liberal; hence to Progressive or Moderate label that they want.

- Liberal insist on parental approval for a child to get an ear or navel pierced. But its OK for their teenage kids to have invasive abortions without their permission.

- Liberals produce news with false polls that if asked with proper questions; the results would have to be suppressed.

- Liberals in Congress are rushing to amend their travel and campaign records, paying old restaurant bills, and some liberals are sharply limiting travel. Who is not doing this; because he's been doing it the whole time -- Tom DeLay.

- The Conservative leadership in Congress needs to sit down together and watch the movie Miracle, and listen to Coach Herb Brooks when he say "Screw 'em" to the commie libs. The Soviet Union is cocky in the movie, just like the liberals in Congress because they know they have the liberals in the media on their side.

- I have as much respect for liberals as I do for the islamic religion.

- With the liberals hate of the fetus and the child, shouldn't liberals have been encouraging American soldiers to burn and kill as many children and pregnant women during the Vietnam War as possible?

- Liberals do not blink often, nor do they move their forehead.

- Liberals are energicidal maniacs trying to kill any energy plan suggested.

- May 5th is a National Day of Prayer (my apologies to the liberals).

- The Democrats of today demand that Social Security be left alone, just as the Southern Know-Nothings of 1856 demanded that slavery be left alone; both will blow up in their face.

Get a life.
I've got a life liberal. I've got a great house, a great motorhome, three nephews who love me like sons. I've got my self respect, and love my country.

You on the other hand. Probably live in a shabby apartment, drive a worthless automobile. You won't have any children either because you are ugly or they have been aborted. You have no respect for yourself or anyone who feels good about themselves.

You hate your country liberal, and I resent fighting for your ass in wartime.

Screw the libs!
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