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Sunday, May 01, 2005


The Failure of Discovery Channel's Unsolved History

I know it has been a while since Unsolved History has been seen on the Discovery Channel. I initially believed that the show made a name for itself when they showed conclusive evidence that Australian Snowy Evans shot down the Red Barron, and it was impossible that Canadian Captain Roy Brown was unable to shoot down the German pilot at the time.

In addition, the Shoot Out at the OK Corral show that Unsolved History did was also very convincing.

When Unsolved History tackled the JFK Assassination I watched intently hoping that new evidence would be shown. Instead I believe they showed evidence of that day in Dealey Plaza that did not show a conspiracy. I've been to the plaza and studied the layout. I viewed video of a massive head shot that shows head debris heading upward at a slight angle towards the book depository and indicating a shot from ground level.

It was shortly after that show that I stopped watching, and soon after the show was totally cut off.

I believe that viewers to Unsolved History were disappointed as well, and simply stopped watching. We were expecting something like a MythBusters gelatin body to be shot instead of a melon. We were expecting them to challenge evidence such as a possible shot from the manhole cover area, which they brushed off easily. (Of course a shot looks bad from that area, the pavement is four inches higher than the mancover now than it was back in 1963). The devistating shot could have come from there since the car slowed to almost a standstill.

I bet the MythBusters could break this mystery just by building a gelatin body, and shooting it up from the disputed angles just to confirm or deny the Warren Commission.

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