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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


'Drive By Thanking' of Veterans (Liberals will never be honored for their disservice to their country)

I was driving south on Hwy 288 today around 4:30 PM minding my own business and listening to Dan Patrick on KSEV when this gray haired man in a blue Chevy truck, literally honked his horn and got my attention.

The man motioned me to roll down my window of which I did. I did not know what to expect. The man had noticed the license plates on my truck which noted my wartime sacrifice and thanked me yelling (since we were both moving at 60 mph) for my service to our country in a time of war.

This was not the first time this has happened to me, and as usual, I was humbled and honored. I saluted the man, he saluted back going and went about his way, and like that the "drive by thanking" was over.

I remember a couple of years ago in my car, one of my nephews reported to me "Hey Uncle B**, someone just saluted us," to which I said, "did you salute 'em back." Everyone in the car knew what was going on, and nothing had to be said. I routinely get recognized throughout the year in one or the other of my vehicles with greater spurts near holidays honoring veterans.

I literally get goose bumps everytime this happens. I truly do not want the recognition, but it comes and I accept it if grateful American citizens want to express their emotions verbally.

Liberals will never get "drive by thankings" for their disservice to our country, and I would hope that any car that proclaims liberalism is jeered and snickered. Anyone who thanks someone for supporting America's enemies, the downfall of America, abortion, higher taxes, homosexuality, encouraging teen sex with no consequence, etc. deserves to be given the "drive by finger."

Screw the libs!

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