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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'NOW - Haters of the military' (Pissed over proposed law protecting of U.S. women in combat')

I'm confused. Liberals are notorious haters of the military, and I would expect them to praise the AP report noting the House bill that would bar women "from serving in direct ground combat roles." The bill is associated with the DoDs policy and spending plan for 2006.

I would expect that liberals such as supporters of
Forsake The Troops would be ecstatic at the Houses decision since it might limit the number of enlistments in America's armed forces.

The "No Women In Combat" Law passed the House on May 19th. As a combat vet myself, I can attest that liberal women make good combat troops. Liberal women in the armed forces are generally ugly, rarely take baths, have hairy armpits, and fit in well with battle hardened men who find liberal women unattractive which would enable them to concentrate on staying alive in a combat zone instead of being distracted by sexually appealing women.

Our mole in
NOW reports that a former Air Force Lt. Col. Karen Johnson, probably a lesbian, said the banning of liberal women would "be discriminatory, dangerous and regressive." Bullcrap.

Liberals have been crying about casualties - now the House starts to do something about it - at least for protecting the women - and
NOW complains about it for the NAGS they are.

The NAGS call the proposed law "false protectionism" which is designed to keep women from "forward areas" which puts them at risk from being "exposed to hostile fire." Look,
Time or Newsweek, or one of those liberal rags determined that men and women were "different." If liberal women want to be like men - grow penises.

Women have served with honor and distinction in all of America's wars. But they do not need to serve in combat roles unless they want to, but if they are killed - the DoD cannot be blamed, especially if those women did their jobs properly in combat.

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