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Monday, May 30, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'Memorial Day 2005' (Liberals hiding from events honoring the fallen from the United States)

On this day of liberal mourning for the greatest heros of America, I attended the Memorial Day ceremony at the VA National Cemetery with my 13-year old nephew who has more understanding about national sacrifice than any liberal on Capital Hill or on the UH campus.

Liberals are so ashamed of America -- they hate their country.

My question is why don't they leave the United States. So far every liberal promise to leave the country has been broken. Howard Hughes kept his promise, and the Hercules flew.

I am proud of my country. Yes, we have falts, but all countries do, and since the US is the most successful country (like Tom DeLay), we get hounded. Environmentally, we are tame considering some other countries around the world. We treat our prisoners like barbie dolls as compared to those who chop the heads off our guys - yet Abu Ghrab gets the headline.

Liberals and their friends in the liberal media are thankfully losing their grip because they have aborted their base. Coupled with a more informed public due to more cable choices and the internet, liberals are like a KGB shell -- once the majority of the people (especially African Americans) know they are full of hot air, they will be hunted down like dogs.

Liberal newspapers, radio and televisions programs are dying, and I look to the day when liberalism is but a memory, just as communism was in Eastern Europe.

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