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Thursday, April 07, 2005


UH Liberal Haters Recruiting for Fall Semester

At the behest of UH Liberal Haters arch nemisis Hairy Fish Nuts, he suggested that we recruit to diversify among the colleges at UH and give all UH students a chance at confounding liberalism. Of course, we all cannot remain on campus our whole lives unlike some liberal dinosaurs, we have to resume our lives, but we would like the UH Liberal Haters blog to remain alive.

So if you would like to inquire about writing for UH Liberal Haters during the summer or at the beginning of the fall semester e-mail me at:

uhliberalhater at budweiser.com

Please submit a small or large writing sample, or links to previous posts you have made, and you will be considered.

Hairy Fish Nuts suggests a:

- "UH Geography Liberal Hater, UH Phys Ed Liberal Hater,UH Home Ec Liberal Hater"

I would like to encourage liberals who hate liberalism to give it a try. You will receive extra consideration, but a hook will be stationed nearby. We can call you "UH Liberal Liberal Hater."

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