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Thursday, April 07, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnists Nick Somarkis and Victoria Morales 'Double shot of tripe on border and DeLay' (Both naive as boys at Neverland on issues)

I don't know where to start on this one. First off, I would like to apologize for the tardiness of this post due to my exam and problems with the server.

One could imagine one day earlier this week as UH Daily Cougar Opinion Editor
Jason Poland wondered who to get to write about the Minutemen on the border. "Morales!" Poland would say, "you're Mexican, I want you to write an editorial on the mean Minutemen on the Arizona border keeping illegals from coming across the border into the US." "Oh yes sir, thank you sir," Morales would say as she slowly backs away bowing from the white liberal bathed in glorious light. "I like all minorities will always be willing to accept the crumbs left from the altar of the white liberal Poland, and be grateful doing it."

In her tripe today "
Minutemen muddle border patrol," Victoria Morales assumes expert status on all border issues relating to the Minutemen Project of civilians that took up shop one mile from the Arizona border with Mexico on April 1 to report illegal activity on the border. So far the project has been effective, already 500 new border patrol agents have been assigned to the United States-Mexico border, and they have report 18 illegals that I know of to the border patrol for processing.

Morales does not see the Minutemen as doing good for America. Instead, Morales wants the UH weak minded student to view the Minutemen as vigilantes, and I would like for the liberal to point the quote out that the liberal media has been regurgitating about President Bush regarding the Minutemen as "vigilantes."

Morales doesn't see the Minutemen Project, a group that is not interfering with any border patrol activites, as "not the best possible solution to ensure border protection." Well duh! Yet Morales still sees them as dangerous. Why! Perhaps her cousin Julio hasn't made it over the Arizona border yet?

Morales then bores the reader with AP stats on illegal immigrants that are probably hiped beyond belief anyway, and before she stresses a point. Thank God (my apology to the liberals), but her point is meaningless, and has nothing to do with the protection of America's borders. Instead with Morales, we get some tripe that its "unfair that those who suffer are the ones who simply want to come to the United States for a better life." Well, I'm sorry, the United States cannot take everyone in the world in because they are suffering.

Morales like most liberals spreading fear claims there is bound to be "an outbreak of violence or vigilante-style justice" from the Minutemen. Which is crap -- the Minutemen project are mostly retirees and not off the streets of Southeast Houston, and will actually think before they point a gun at someone and pop off a cap.

Thankfully she agrees that the Minutemen "have the right to assemble and protect the border in a humane fashion," but at the same time they are "just making the situation worse." How! If there is anyone who is making the situation worse its liberal groups like the ACLU that are shadowing the Minutemen Project.

Morales goes overboard when she states that the Minutemen are "only serving to interfere with border patrol officials doing their jobs." She would rather us be attacked from some "Osama Morales," an Arab that has changed his name in Brazil and came illegally through Arizona, and the next attack that happens via that scenario, I personally will be calling for Victoria's head on a platter.

Morales fears that the Minutemen have "generated great tension not only within the country but also between the United States and Mexico." Who cares! What has Mexico given to us except a bad case of gas. Hell, it might as well be France for all I care, and I've got relatives that live there. She then fears for the leaders of the Minutemen stating they have "received vicious death threats from a violent El Salvadorian street gang -- which is active in several countries." Well let the Minutemen deal with that threat. They're armed, and the El Salvadorians would look out of place there anyway.

Morales is naive to think that the Minutemen or the ACLU are "placing a burden on everyone who lives in the area," well I would think that all those people would be contributing to the local economy in some form or fashion. I would think that the grocers near the Arizona border would be selling toilet paper and food, and the hotels and restaurants would be filled with wimpy lib ACLU types who like most liberals do not have the stomach for hard camping.

Morales gives us the liberal doom and gloom forecast of "we can only hope that innocent people don't get hurt or that a violent outbreak doesn't occur." Now when have liberals been correct in predicting anything in regards to casualties. They predicted 50,000 casualties during the first Desert Storm, and they've never been right since.


UH Daily Cougar columnist and
UH College Democrat officer Nick Somarkis, ever the socialist, opened wide and accepted the liberal media's vomit over Tom DeLay and completely regurgitates it in his contribution to today's waste of trees.

In his tripe today "
Tom DeLay's actions are riddled with hypocrisy," Somarkis lacks originality when he asks "What kind of man is U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay?" Hell every liberal is asking about DeLay. And they haven't found a damn thing. But oh know, who cares about evidence, it's about the seriousness of the charge.

Somarkis wanted to be original in his tripe today, he would have asked the question "What kind of man is Sen. Harry Reid?" The liberal Los Angeles Times ran a series "
In Nevada, Reid Is the Name to Know" in June 2003, and nothing has come of it since. Harry Reid, Senator from Nevada, whose sons have truly benefitted from his legislation as seen in this pdf file. Reid's atrocities make DeLay look like a naive boy at Neverland Ranch waiting to see Michael Jackson at the arcade.

But no,
Somarkis takes the easy way out and continues to rub it on Tom DeLay who trounced Richard Morrison in last November's election. Morrison was on campus last semester trying to coax UH weak minded students into voting for him by providing terrible tasting hot dog and hamburgers. I flat told Morrison to his face I was voting for DeLay, because District 22 doesn't need a newby weakling who cannot bring home the bacon to the district. Thank God (apologies to the liberals) voters have short memories when it comes to politicians. Hell even druggy Marion Barry got re-elected in DC.

Somarkis like most liberals hasn't figured out that DeLay knows that he's a "marked man." Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if liberals log everytime he takes a crap looking for some irregularity. DeLay knows that, yet liberals continue to hound the man grasping at straws as if they were trying to get out of the liberal quicksand they are in.

Somarkis goes on about the Schiavo case stating DeLay "pushed the law affecting Terri Schiavo through Congress to keep her hooked up to machine to keep her alive, but he allowed his father to be denied machines that would have kept him alive." Of course Somarkis didn't bother to tell the UH weak minded that DeLay's Daddy was actually on live support, which was something that Schiavo was never on.

Somarkis "is quite the hypocrite," and "does whatever he feels is necessary to" lie to the UH weak minded students about Tom DeLay, "even if it is unethical and immoral." The lib continues on and on with Terri Schiavo, saying "the Schiavo fiasco distracted the media and the public from finding out about his unethical behavior, which is absolutely ridioculous. Now Bill Clinton and Desert Fox, that was something that "distracted the media and the public from finding out about his unethical behaviors." Nick's stuff about DeLay is pure crap, and Somarkis knows it.

Somarkis has no shame. Look at his face in the DC, and you see a shady character you wouldn't trust with your sheep or teenage daughter. If Michael Jackson wasn't sticking his hand down the pants of Macaulay Culkin or some other kid, Somarkis would be right there taking MJ's place.

If there is anything "riddled with hypocrisy" it is
Somarkis' waste of trees today. He's got absolutely nothing to go on with Delay, except hearsay, because if they had something, DeLay would have been gone by now.

Somarkis pulls out all the stops in bringing out supposed case after case about DeLay hoping that they UH weak minded will get it drilled into their minds. 'DeLay bad; Somarkis good.'

Somarkis' "willingness to stoop to the lowest of levels when it comes to politics is one reason" why the Democrats are where they are -- in the gutter. "People have become disillusioned with the entire process" of the liberal media supporting Democrats, "making shady deals, getting donations in exchange for legislation." And making legislation to benefit their family members like go 'ol "Dingy" Harry Reid.

Somarkis' (who has never worked a day in his miserable liberal life) attack of DeLay, a successful businessman prior to running for Congress, is representative of the "immoral and unethical character" that liberals exhibit today in their attempt to take back power without winning at the ballot box.

Screw the libs!

out of curiosity,

why are you so filled with hate?

Hate leads to anger
anger leads to fear
fear leads to the dark side.

didn't you learn anything?
Again, pure brilliance.
We don't hate -- we loath.
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