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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Tyler Nelson 'Writes the truth on the unsecure border issue' (Puts the libs on the DC to shame for the tripe they write)

Its Conservative Day on for the UH Daily Cougars OPED 1. Today, Tyler Nelson gets the call as if he were Roger Clemens taking the mound against our unsecure border issue batter. The only bright light in the Daily Cougar columnists office 'sea of despair,' Nelson gives the straight scoop on our borders. He's seen what he is writing about, unlike most of the DC's tripe writers who haven't seen crap and write about stuff they've heard second, third, or sometimes fourth hand.

In his commentary today "
Peril preys on unsecured borders," Nelson is honest in his presentation of the border issue. Yes Nelson questions the border policy of both "former President Clinton and President Bush [who] both have done little to confront this issue," of which I faithfully agree. Yes, I disagree with the President Bush on his border policy as well as his energy policy, but I am not going to abandon the man for the majority of good he does for the country. Unlike most liberals who would run from Hillary Clinton if she switched and went against abortion.

Nelson is very tactful in noting the facts presented and calmly notes the number of illegals that are general accepted, and that they "should concern all U.S. citizens." I can see how his arguments will confound the liberals. He rightly concludes that illegal immigration is a problem that needs to be addressed and that "the government has ignored and overlooked it for petty political reasons."

Nelson points out the idiocy of the of the Mexican government and their release of a "DVD that gives pointers on how to safely cross the border illegally." Recent news stories of Arab national changing their names liked from "Osama bin Laden" to lets say "Osama Gonzalez" when they get to Brazil, have been filtering down slowly through the liberal media. If the border problem is not taken seriously soon, serious efforts from terriorist to enter illegially into the United States may take place if they have not done so already.

Nelson respects the rights of the Minutemen Project "to counter the influx of illegal immigrants" unlike liberals who have labeled them "vigilantes" by Victoria Morales and other liberals. The organization, which patrols the border along the US and Mexican border in Arizona, and are "correct in that something has to be done." You wouldn't see that among the liberal commentators who simply castigate the Minutemen for exercising their rights as Americans for what they believe is right.

Nelson is correct is surmising that the "answer does not lie in private citizens forming independent groups to do the job the taxpayer-funded border patrol ought to be doing," and that simply we are in need of a "more effective border-patrol system."

Nelson calmy contends that the Minutemen are effective simply by "putting more able bodies on the border," and that the federal governments response of putting "534 more patrol agents and 23 more aircraft units" along the border has been the oil that the machine needed, which is essentially just the start. The evidence pointed out that "illegal immigration has become a nightmare" and that the "dangers of an unchecked border are obvious, with drug trafficking and terrorism at the top of the list. "

Nelson bombards the UH student with undeniable facts that liberals like Victoria Morales wouldn't go near in her tripe on the border. Nelson continues that there "are issues of safety and security for all U.S. citizens that should supersede any politician's desire to [being] politically correct" and he is damn well right. The tidbit about the Honduran criminal Ebener Pax, who "has been arrested eight times in California and deported four times during the past four years. So each time he was deported, he took a little vacation and came right back over the border and continued to steal cars, sell drugs and commit assault." Don't you love liberal political correctness.

Admiral Nelson (which sounds a lot better than General Vann), the hero of Naco, fires salvo and salvo into the liberal arguments of illegal doesn't mean "illegal," when he points out that "25 percent of illegal residents are getting some form of government assistance, which is money that could be used to help bolster and fortify our borders or fund innumerable other projects." We as a nation are so gullible that if the illegals can survive the horrible adventure over the border, we simply reward the illegal behavior by puting them on the government dole.

Nelson attacks every possible argument that that liberals might use to court the UH weak minded student. Yes illegal immigrants provide some assistance to the economy, but that does not make up for the "assistance benefits" they receive. While "we are overtaxed as it is" the money that they send out of this country is abominable. I agree with Nelson that "companies that hire undocumented workers need to be prosecuted," but no administration will enforce that policy.

Nelson, like many smart UH students are "in favor of increasing temporary worker visas to foreigners because it will help keep the economy strong and also provide workers with documentation so companies cannot pay them under the table." By bringing legality into the equation we have more eliminate more opportunities for "drugs, terrorism and organized crime" that comes from the border.

Nelson majestically explains that "enforcing our immigration laws is not an act of racism towards Hispanics; anyone who thinks differently needs to wake up and recognize the dangers of unsecured borders" that are commonly passed on by liberals as misbeliefs. That's why I believe President Bush should react to the issue, because I believe that Hispanics, like all ethnic peoples will believe that the President is protecting the borders. It's the liberals and the liberal media that will rape President Bush on the issue when the issue comes to fruition.

Nelson's time in Mexico gives credence to his argument, unlike Victoria Morales, who probably has never stepped foot in the country. Nelson recognizes there is a need to take action and makes a strong case. He sees the need for "charitable organizations and religious groups are taking larger roles internationally," and even advocates each of us to individually participate in making donations and even giving of ourselves to going to Mexico and helping them on their own turf. Of course this is something that liberals will never do since it does involve government."

Nelson calls for Mexico "to step up and do something" instead of making and distributing DVDs since the money can be "used for wiser, more effective purposes" instead of helping their own citizens defect their country. Nelson's call for America to prioritize the border issue will go unheeded by the liberals, and I agree that "our country will greatly suffer and foreign leaders will continue to condone this illegal activity." Of course the border issue will remain low on the totem pole of the liberals in Congress and the liberal media" and who knows what will happen.

Nelson does yeomans work in his presentation today. His arguments are sound, and some will listen. Liberals will ignore it for all the goodness it contains, and but "as Americans, we need to put this issue at the top of our national agenda by informing others and telling elected officials of our concern." The alternative, I'm afraid will contain results that enable terriorist and those Americans that love them to engage in more 9/11's, which will result in extremely militaristic borders.

Reading both Nelsons and Morales articles, Tyler wins hands down.
I agree.

Tyler Nelson thinks before he writes, while the other DC tripe writers just throw the crap out and hope it sticks.
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