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Thursday, April 21, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Nick Somarkis 'Hater of Bush 43' (Misses in worthless attempt to link high gas prices to GOP)

Today in the excuse that University of Houston calls its daily newspaper -- the Daily Cougar, Tyler Nelson was brilliant as always on explaining the flat tax, and I hope that a lot of liberals that support higher taxes take him up on his offer to go to wimpy limp wristed countries like France, Canada, and Cuba. Nelson is the only class act in the place, and he deserves UH Conservatives applause for holding his nose when he goes into the DC's office for the stench of liberalism, rotting fetuses in the corner, and the body odor of the DC liberals who rarely bath once a week.

On the other hand there is Nick Somarkis, ever the socialist, UH College Democrat officer, unfrequent bather, and quite frankly should follow the way of the 'Dodo Vann.' Just looking at his ugly mug in the DC makes one want to puke up their breakfast and hide their infant daughter. Today Somarkis tries to lump several decades of events together and simply place them on President Bush's doorstep by simply stating 'W did it,' and hoping that the UH weak mind students will simply buy his waste of trees. Well I'll tell you something 'Sh*t for brains Somarkis,' even the people that are a little weak of brained at this moment in time will start to realize the same old tricks out of the triple decades old Democratic playbook, and when you graduate your attitude will carry you right into the lifestyle string of service industry jobs, barely making $10 an hour, if that. So keep it up.

In his tripe today "Pricey petrol a Republican problem ," Somarkis again lacks originality by taking hearsay from Democratic sources blaming President Bush for high gas prices and believing that 43's friends are happy as clams over high gas prices.

The reason for today's waste of trees was because Somarkis believes he wasted to much money helping Sarah Morgan fill up her Yugo last weekend, which is why they were late to the NRA protest at the George R. Brown. "Gas prices stink," Somarkis said, and goes on to ask of GWB "our great leader [how does he] propose helping us to cope with these high prices?" Well, I don't know, but its going to be a whole hell of a lot more than the Democrats would do which is let gas prices continually go higher and higher.

Somarkis continues ranting "Bush is supporting an energy bill that gives tax breaks to businesses in the oil industry and does nothing to help lower the cost of gasoline." Well wouldn't you think that those companies would need some relief in order to pass along those savings to the masses. My God (apologies to the liberals), get your head out of your ass.

Somarkis mentions Exxon-Mobil's profits and how they "increased so much that it had a record-breaking year" while "its chairman received a $38 million bonus." Um, I wonder how good 'ol George Soros did. Of course you know he has an office building of which the top half makes him billions and the bottom half dispenses tripe around the world. Its Exxon-Mobil's shareholders responsibility to maintain the actions of the board members, and my only regret is not buying Exxon-Mobil stock when the price was low.

I got an idea, why don't all the liberals by one share of Exxon-Mobil, and when proxy voting time comes around, write in your own candidates. Maybe then the chairman won't get such a big bonus, instead of you guys complaining about it.

Somarkis definitely needs to see a psychiatrist because his obession with Bush 43 is borderline psychotic. Of course we know that President Bush was "a former oilman with close ties to the oil industry" but he is not to blame for the whole gas price mess.

You know who is to blame for the high gas prices Somarkis. It's you Nick and the Sarah Morgan's of the world. All you loud mouth pansies have scared the regulators into forcing refiners into all those special blends of gasolines, and that you have been crying for because it's good for the environment. In that time, the refiners were forced to cut back production and concentrate on those special blends, which cost money for the refiners to retool their equipment and rebuild, while their competetors overseas get a free ride.

In the meantime, America went from a refinery count of 350 over 20 years ago to now having only about 150 refineries, all of which are running at near or full capacity. Why of course gas prices are going to go up, which they have been rising since Carter was in office. Somarkis where was your blame of President Clinton when gas prices went up during his Administration? You couldn't possibly blame Bush 43 back then for what is going on now, and I won't even mention China and India who are now consuming more oil.

Somarkis has the audacity to write that only President Bush can "come up with something like this."

Somarkis rails against the "energy bill [which] allows for drilling in the pristine area known as Arctic National Wildlife Refuge." At least it is a plan, of which the Democrats no nothing about. Of course since Nick has never been north of the Arctic Circle, has never seen Coldfoot, Alaska, he doesn't know anything he is talking about.

Somarkis doesn't know anything about business either, and of course it will be some time till drilling in ANWR takes place and even begin to lower gas prices. But here Nick goes again with the class envy agument that the "oilmen [] are going to get a tax break from the energy bill" which he is totally against. People, whatever you do, do not vote for Nick Somarkis if he runs for office - even dogcatcher.

The liberal argument of the rich receiving tax breaks is old. There are always going to be rich and poor. There were rich people in the Bible, a book which liberals never read, we've seen the rich during the founding of our country, and now the rich liberals send their sons and daughters to UH and other liberal institutions so they can avoid the de facto draft thus avoiding military service, thus leaving the poor to serve our country at the benefit of the rich liberal. I've got over the fact that there are rich people; I hope to be one myself someday; some even argue that I'm already rich as well as happy.

Once liberals figure out that there will always be rich people and you cannot 'poor them down' like 'dumbing down' our smart students, then you will realize that the only way to go is to treat everyone as equally as possible and let the chips fall where they may. Class envy which Nick is pushing, simply does not work anymore.

Somarkis claims that the GOP has been "bought and sold by big oil." OK Nick prove it, but of course he runs to the liberal Center for Responsive Politics, which amounts to about the same amount of confidence that the Democrats have in the hope of slamming Tom DeLay. Why do you think that DeLay wants a meeting before any house committee that will hear his case. DeLay knows that the liberals in Congress and the liberal media have nothing on him. Which is what liberal Senator Harry Reid can't say in his case -- actually using legislation to benefit his sons and son-in-law, or that liberal Congressman publicly aired Newt Gingrich's recorded strategic phone call. That's why.

Somarkis' last ditch effort to impress the UH weak minded students comes when he states "big oil contributes to the Republicans and then Republicans win." Well duh. Shouldn't the Democrats be courting the big oil vote. But his argument that the Republicans are beholding to big oil is unfounded. The one who is beholding to someone is Air America Radio who is beholding George Soros for proping up the failing Radio Network of 52 to 53 stations nationwide. We probably have more radio stations in Houston that AA has in its entire network.

Somarkis' solution to high gasoline prices, "rather than drilling in ANWR and rather than ensuring even greater profits for big oil companies through tax breaks, the president and Congress should be pushing legislation that would lower the cost of gasoline in the short term and help to move us away from using gasoline at all." Somarkis -- THAT IS A CROCK.

Somarkis, you cannot legislate gas prices down, hell, it was regulation that got us into this mess in the first place. We all know that Detroit has the means to produce 50mpg cars, and that's where the liberals should be focusing their efforts. Congress has done enough regulating, and its time the wimpy limp wristed liberals finally stand up for themselves, and take action without the liberals in Congress and without the courts looking on as their big brother.

You would get a lot more respect by going directly to the automakers themselves like Nader did with seatbelts, instead this time demand a minimum 50mpg rating in all vehicles.

Did government solve the Montgomery Bus Boycott by mandating that all the Blacks in Montgomery must ride the bus instead of walking to work for those 381 days. No. So why should Somarkis "beg Congress [] to increase fuel standards on vehicles so that cars can use less gasoline." Which is what Detroit should be doing voluntarily. Personally, I believe that many more liberals have sold "out like they have done for so long." If we didn't have such a liberal media, the liberals in Washington would be running for the hills.

Screw the libs!

Hater, you put things so delicately.
I'm a soldier.

We are trained to kill people and break things.

In battling liberalism, Conservatives have been, and most continue to be to NICE, and it's high time we start using the liberals tactics of being MEAN.

I have no qualms about what I write on this blog because they started it by writing their tripe in the first place.

I specialize in fighting UH Liberalism. Not UT or Harvard liberalism, but UH.

And unfortunately, to many Conservatives are trying to fight all liberalism everywhere, just as liberals are trying to fight all Conservatism everywhere, and nothing is getting done.
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