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Monday, April 04, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Justin Vann 'Hates McGruff the Crime Dog' (Doesn't want Iraqis exposed to comic books - helps US effort)

I know the only combat zone that Justin Vann has ever served in was the back yard of his neighbors, when he and a group of neighborhood boys played "war" -- with Vann of course playing the role of maiden-in-distress. This week, since the liberals cannot euthanize wheelchair bound students in Butler Plaza, they will instead charge them for disabled parking at UH, of which Vann contributed heavily to Matt Cooper's article but it was marked out for being too harsh on the euthanasia avoiders.

In his tripe today "
Iraqis have issues with Army comic book," Justin Vann takes issue with the US military's PSYOPS or Psychological Warfare Operations for you liberals out there, in another liberal attempt to reduce the UH weak minded students confidence in our military's effectiveness in convincing the hearts and minds of Iraqis to the world of democracy by the use of leaflets or comic books, instead of the sister networks CNN International and Al-Jazeera.

Vann, who once he graduates aims to be a counter military recruiter has took out his crystal ball and sees "we're currently overextended with an all-volunteer army that is grossly under-equipped" in Iraq. In all his military wisdom General Vann says "we need to keep all the hearts and minds we haven't put bullets in on our side," which is what I thought we were doing.

Vann, who like a liberal justice looking for foreign law examples for the US to model itself after, looks to the BBC for a story on the U.S. Army using PSYOPS in the form of a comic book to communicate with Iraqi citizens. Vann has no idea that PSYOPS actually works.

During Desert Storm leaflets dropped onto Iraqi positions saved the lives of many Iraqi soldiers who were exhausted, outgunned, and like the French 'wanting to surrender.' I actually felt compassion for the Iraqi's that surrendered to me, and to this day I still have some of the leaflets that those prisoners handed to me. If it weren't for PSYOPS I would have been forced to kill more than I did during the war.
Vann says he was "highly skeptical of the educational or diplomatic value of a comic book," of course this is coming from a guy who never served in the military and "ignored McGruff the Crime Dog." He might be qualified for President if we can just get him to start having sex with female interns.

Vann doesn't understand that "in a war-torn country" where people are suffering, that once the information is reviewed, it can be used in various different ways. No, Vann doesn't really care about the comic books at all, and in the unending quest to make the Bush Administration look bad, he's more concerned that the "BBC highlighted a[n] [appeasement monkey] report stating that 8 percent of children in Iraq are chronically malnourished, a 100 percent increase from under Saddam Hussein."

Vann doesn't mention that Saddam Hussein atrocities were down 100 percent since Saddam left office. He doesn't mention that Iraqi hospitals now have medicine and patients are being treated properly. He doesn't mention that the French are "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" and the UN are "freedom-hating appeasement monkeys." No none of that.

Vann needs to realize that operations in Iraq are moving in many directions. This is not the Chilkoot Pass during the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897, in which miners could only lug one item of baggage up at a time. The US in Iraq is a modern day Marshall Plan, and many things are happening at the same time. If that did not happen, the US and its allies would be derelict in their duty.

Vann's flawed thinking of letting "Iraq get back on its feet before we start passing out comic books" is born of the liberal thinking of "committing more money to developing an infrastructure" without training people how to operate it, which is equivalent to putting more money in failing liberal schools.

Screw the libs!

The maiden in distress comment was cute. We <3 you. Go Coogs!
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