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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Giugi Carminati 'Hater of Senate Republicans' (Doesn't believe Lincoln deemed minority rule "totally inadmissible")

Tyler Nelson way outclasses Giugi Carminati today with his excellent commentary "Negative view of U.S. unmerited,"and trounces Gonzalez's editorial cartoon that implies that President Bush is doing the work of the devil.

One perhaps two people in the UH Daily Cougar office are worthy enough to wash
Tyler Nelson's feet for the worthless prostitutes of liberalism that they are, let alone the libs capable of writing anything that has a clear, concise, objective that is positive and uplifting for America. All we hear from Carminati and the other libs is their doom and gloom forecast for how bad a country we are; no wonder liberal talk radio, liberal nightly news, and everything liberal is failing by leaps and bounds. It's designed to be negative; and it does turn people OFF. If the DC wasn't free, they would go out of business in a week for the filth they perpetrate.

Giugi's tripe today "Both parties should muster for filibuster," the malodorous pride of the Honors College, Giugi Carminati, the UH Daily Cougar columnist and UH College Democrat officer, continues her 'Hate America Series' this time with the premise that the Republicans are mean and evil and stand for everything that's bad for America. So what's new when it comes to liberal accusations -- nothing, just like their playbook.

Carminati is so vain that she does not understand politics. This is the Republicans time. They, like the Republicans in 1860 won the election fair and square, and like Lincoln in 1860, the Republicans of today are fighting to keep the Union whole, and are not about to let some petty liberal minority take over the country, just because they're a bunch of nansy pansy liberals. Lincoln deemed minority rule in the 1860s as "totally inadmissible" because it was breaking up the country -- and history has judged him right.

The liberals had the Congress for 40 years prior to 1994, that they simply cannot stand being in the minority. Hence all the crybaby stuff that they portray as the truth. I saw a sign on Westheimer this morning while I was making my way back to UH from the modeling agency, it said:

"You can't lie forever"

and that sign couldn't be more true. The nations embarrassment of the Clinton Administration has shown that sign to be true. The whole administration at that time lied, and the Clinton's and their followers still keep the lie going. While President Clinton is still looking for a legacy other than 'oral sex,' something is dreadfully wrong. But I digress.

Carminat's lies to the UH weak minded student that the Republican effort to remove the filibuster option from Senate rules in "very dangerous one for our country." It's Senate rules Giugi, and they change all the time. Each house of congress has the pleasure to change any rule at any time. It's been that way for hundreds of years.

God (my apologies to the liberals),
Giugi Carminati is suppose to be the 'cream of the crop' of UH students, a so-called member of the Honors College, which means they are suppose to be coming up with original stuff. Yet, all we get from Giugi is the chewed 'cud' of liberalism which is them processed again and shat out the other end for digestion for the weak minded liberal masses.

Carminati who was spotted around Noon today by one of my spies, coming from the UC Satellite to the crest of the hill heading to the College of Socialism wearing that black skirt she wears that exposes her long legs making her look as slutty as ever, is by with her agreeing with today's Democratic Senate that they are no better than the Southern Democrats that tried to hijack the government prior to the Civil War. The argument was fruitless then as it is now for the liberals.

This 'Rights of the Minority' crap that the liberals are pushing like 'crack' on the street corner is just an argument they use to gain credibility in the eyes of the public and with their friends in the liberal media they hope to achieve the view.

It's ironic that the Republicans of the 1860s were fighting to free the slaves of the day, and the Republicans of the 2000s are fighting to free African Americans from the bonds of intellectual slavery from white liberalism. How much longer will the black liberal depend of the good graces of the white liberal. Let themselves make up their own mind if they want to be treated down with liberalism or up with Conservatism.

Carminati and the libs are always fighting to keep liberal issues on the table. Have they every suggested solutions to issues. After generations, they are still fighting for Civil Rights. After decades they are still fighting povery -- after trillions have been spent. Giugi argues that if the Senate rules are changed it will be "changing the way government operates" which is complete bunk and smells worse than the last crap she took. The liberals have to many perpetual issues, that will keep the weak minded liberal masses dependent on them and them alone with issues that have been solved decades ago yet still tout as a crisis today. Liberals have no use for someone that can think for themselves -- thus being able to embrace Conservatism as the true 'ism' in American politics.

Carminati prostitutes herself saying that by removing the filibuster it will "give the minority no possible recourse. It is a fundamental attack on our governmental institution" which again another bunch of crap. Her side lost -- and now she has to live with that defeat, which was based on lies by the way. The liberals are trying their best, even with the help of their allies in the liberal media, to put to death like a fetus or Terri Schiavo the Republican image, and the libs are still losing. Maybe America is a lot smarter than the liberals think it is. GWB still won in 2004, and GOP seats were gained in Congress despite being tarred and feathered in the liberal media and by the liberals themselves.

Carminati were Lincoln, she would have given in to the minority South, there would have been no Civil War, and the country would have still have had slavery for many decades to come. Perhaps the Confederate States of America would still be a country today. That is what giving into the minority can do for a country.

If the left wins an election 'fair and square' then they can try and push their liberal social agenda, but will the country buy it? But just winning 'fair and square' may be hard enough, which is something that is impossible with the current liberal mindset.

What will the libs do if the Democrats win in the future -- take over the country and force their agenda down Americans throats communist style, and even if Americans don't like it? What then.

Carminati goes on with her tripe saying "the concept of democracy itself does not lie on majority rule alone," this coming from someone destined to graduate from the UH College of Socialism. That's like saying that the white South African people prior to Mandela were correct because they were a minority of the people in the black dominated South Africa. Giugi argues that "the regulated interaction between a majority that has the people-given right to pass legislation and the minority that has the right to be represented and protected. If either one of these elements disappears from the government system, the representative element of that government would become a mere sham." Again, the minority lost, how often does that have to be said.

We are talking about judges here, and a Senate right under Advice and consent that does not even call for supermajority vote. It was a rule change about four years ago that the Republicans were tricked into that is causing all this liberal fuss. And even the UH weak minded student know that rules can be changed very easy.

Carminati is trying to instill fear by saying that by "removing filibustering from congressional procedures is one step toward making this country a one-party state," which is again complete bunk. This country ran fine with the Republicans and Democrats since the 1860s, and even I wouldn't want the super leftist libs to become Republicans.

Liberalism is a disease, and those that go to far gone like
Carminati need to be helped before its to late.

The fate of the country rest on controlling restless liberals.
Carminati and the liberals reminds me of that five year-old liberal girl in Florida, who was uncontrollable even when a Principal intervened in the situation, then the police had to cart the loving tike away in handcuffs before she hurt herself. (Of course the Mother is suing to make a buck).

Liberals act just like that five year-old girl. If they don't get their way they pout, hit, spit, holler, and tear up the Principals office. Now what's the difference between that five year-old girl messing up and disrespecting a respected official in the school, and a liberal activist throwing a pie in the face of a Conservative speaker, dousing them with water, spitting on them, or wearing the face of GWB in a monkey suit. It's the same type of behavior exhibited by that five year-old girl that liberals are displaying, and it needs to be corrected -- now.

Carminati is fearful of Republicans cohorting with the religious officials because of the "philosophical implications" that will galvanize the country. It used to be that religion and politics were the domain and Blacks Democrats, where endorsements were handed out openly on the pulpit -- of course which is totally against the rules of course.

Carminati sees supporters of the "nuclear option" as "short sighted" and that the "majority [of today] will be tomorrow's minority." It might be true on the latter, but the Democratic Party will have to lie, cheat, and steal in every aspect of their campaign to win. The Democrats, if and when they control the House, Senate, or Presidency, will have to fool the American people just as they did with the Clintons. The can never be honest with the American people, or the people would run from the liberals for the 'child-molesters' they are.

Think about it. Liberals are crappy people. They feel crappy, and most are walking mental cases and won't admit that they need help. I know, my Father is a liberal -- he feels like crap all the time, and has to tear down those around him to make himself feel better. That's what the liberals do, tear down those around them to make themselves feel better. Dr. Phil could make a whole lot of money by converting liberals to conservatives.

Carminati, who will never give up at ousting "the Republican majority at the national and state levels" is alway hopeful that "there will indeed be a reversal."

Carminati's grilling of Senator Frist's "denouncing of Democrats as 'against people of faith' is another example of the liberal not being truthful with the public. I'd bet $100.00 that Giugi hasn't been to church in five years, and the only time she goes down on her knees is definitely not to pray. The truth is that Democrats and their friends in the liberal media have a free shot on Christianity, and I saw frustration in their eyes when Pope John Paul died until Pope Benedict was named. God was getting to much attention in the media, while liberal causes were not.

Liberals see themselves as God's on Earth. Whenever you deal with a liberal prof, how tall do they may you feel knowing that they can fail you at their whim. Knowing that the liberal professor treats you like a seven year-old, making you feel like a slave asking a liberal professor "masta' can I take a pee?"

Carminati believes that "God and faith [turn] into the partisan limelight and [thus] turns partisan politics into a religion versus non-religion debate" which she says "precisely what the founding fathers feared." Again bunk.

The Founding Fathers were God fearing men, and they fought against the liberal loyalists, whom if the loyalists and
Carminati had their way, America would still be subject to the British crown.

Carminati, a person who almost makes you want to bring back the Alien & Sedition Acts just to jail her ass for being un-American. She's practically Italian, loves Europe more than America, and who knows have many secrets her family has divulged to America's enemies.

Carminati the opponent of the 'nuclear option' sees only doom and gloom if Senator Frist pushes the button. Of course with any liberal there is doom and gloom. Has any of their doom and gloom predictions over gun law, lower taxation, increased speed limits ever come true?

Carminati sees the 'nuclear option' as "the abolition of the minority's ability to stop majority tyranny by taking away the ability to filibuster," when the constitution claims that the President is allowed an up or down vote, but not the delaying of that vote. Delaying is just what the Democrats are doing, and that's not allowed for in the constitution. Vote 'em up or down. It's been that way for over 200 years, and now for the last four, the liberals have been claiming that four years equal two centuries.

Carminati does not feel for the Republicans when they as the minority were hampered with their ability "to fight the majority" liberals. No, its only now that she brings their case forward when the liberals are in the minority. To the American public one can imagine her saying "screw you America," the Democrats should be in charge, and be damned with ladylike politics, we are still in charge even though we are in the minority -- the media makes it so. "The 'nuclear option' is Democrats being able to [obstruct a] vote on a" judical nominee. Plain and simple. When the Constitution calls for a regular vote, without a supermajority rule, the libs are livid that their public policy makers (liberal judges) may soon lose total effectiveness.

Carminati can tout that "Republicans are not united on the issue," but in the end they will be. Carminati tries to end on a high note of so-called "withering support for Tom Delay" but on capital hill who are scrambling to amend Congressional travel records -- liberal Democrats.

Carminati is so sure that Conservatives are on the run; she is almost giddied to an organism. What she needs to do right now is start to line up a good shrink after the liberals lose the next election. The democratic playbook is so old; they practically telegraph their plays so easily as if there was a Conservative liaison standing right beside them. The politics of personal destruction play is older than Carminati herself, and she thinks its the newest thing since sliced bread.

Screw the libs!

I saw her recently, and she does look sluttttyy!
Thanks go out to my Moores School of Music liberal hater contact that gave me that sighting of Giugi's slutiness at the UC Satellite.
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