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Monday, April 18, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Giugi Carminati 'Ever the Clintonian' (Hates Family Values and Religious People)

Just looking at Carminati's ugly DC mug this morning at my perch overlooking Butler Plaza in PGH made me almost puke. Giugi Carminati's crock today lambastes the universal family, and offers solutions that will forever undermine the foundation of a strong America, which falls right into Carminati's plan of true chaos so that the downtrodden will look to Giugi and her fellow liberals for leadership in their socially engineered mess.

Giugi's tripe today "'Family values' are ripe with bigotry," the malodorous pride of the Honors College,
Giugi Carminati, the UH Daily Cougar columnist and UH College Democrat officer, continues her 'Hate America Series' this time with the premise to convince weak minded UH students that the white family no longer controls their own destiny of America and are beholding to the future whim of liberals.

Carminati asks the question, "how much intolerance can we tolerate in order to ensure that we are not, as a whole, an intolerant society? What?

No, Carminati doesn't ask this of Adolf Hitler's Germany, which was an intolerant society. No, she asks this of America 2005, to the 10 UH weak minded student readers on campus that thinks she's prime.

Carminati sees our country through puke lime green colored glasses that the "country has, by and large, been witness to a drastic return to bigotry and discrimination, which some have called a "return to family values." My God (apologies to the liberals), have you seen our suburbs lately? I don't think nobody is being discriminated against.

Carminati slams the "universal family, which has "values" good for society as a whole, is a very specific family: a mother who is first and foremost a caretaker, a father who is first and foremost a bread-winner, daughters who are abstinent until they become wives and sons who become very respectable beer-drinking, football-watching fathers." Now what the hell is wrong with that. Of course with Carminati's warped mind, their is always a problem with an optimal environment.

Carminati sees the "universal family" as a problem because "family is ideally white," as well as "middle class and Christian." Besides her argument that it leaves out "a great majority of us out of the 'light of family values.'" Of course she did mention that the universal family would more than likely vote Republican, which she would have written in a vastly more progressive publication. Smart people generally see the universal family, no matter the color, as good for society, and its not a bad idea to try and emulate that.

No, with Carminati she fights for seperate family values of the "homosexuals, single parents, career women, stay-at-home dads, unmarried families and sexually active adults" of which her and her husband are currently attending counseling from a sex therapist in the medical center. Carminati is concerned that the 'non-universals' are being "marginalized" by a society "that finds them offensive." Bull crap.

Carminati surmises "religious ideology" is at the root of tree if intolerance. That coupled with the "application of laws," they are as evil as the devil. Thankfully she spares the Church from the total blame of being the sole blame of intolerance.

Carminati's plutonic like statement that "more blood and war has been caused by faith than by any amount of money, power, greed or land this earth can carry," that by "accepting faith and church into government is dangerous" for the 'non-universals.' My God (apologies to the liberals), Jimmy Carter should yield his worthless Nobel Peace Prize to Giugi for all the humanity she is spreading today.

As if she were a minister herself
Carminati damns the "correlation between the rise of right-wing religious fundamentalists" that points to the examples of same-sex marriage and working women as the two sub-groups that being hindered by legislation. She is pissed that constitutional amendments are passing left and right to ban same-sex marriage, and her only hope is for a federal amendment which supersedes all state constitutions. Which will thankfully never get any traction, unless all Conservatives are placed in Concentration Camps and gassed. As far as working women are concerned, Carminati hates that America is not meeting her beloved European Unions standards for being kind to working women and instead considering pregnancy "on the job is a disease."

Carminati does not call for all working women pregnancies to aborted at company expense, but wants America to be more like the Euro pansies and be more liberal with the maternity leave policies. Well some countries call for 90 weeks of maternity leave. Well hell, the normal pregnancy last an average 40 weeks, and Guigi would support taking off over twice as long as it takes to have little 'LaQuesha' in the first place.

Carminati continues her labor on attacking God himself, who she sees as having a "legitimate position in a government and a judicial system who impacts and judges the lives of atheists, agnostics, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and others." In all her wisdom she concludes "we cannot be intolerant of religion, Christian or other" which is what I thought we already have -- written into law in fact. Her feelings that "self-righteous" are "imposing [their] will and standards on the lives of others and becoming in itself a form of intolerance" is bull crap, and her fix is to let everyone into the party, even the stinky and smelly ones.

Carminati's finally attacks "family values" and the Republicans and places them in the category of being "fundamentally intolerant." She is pristine in her maintenance "as a person who disagrees with these 'family values'," and sees those who believe in the true American family as fools. Now if only liberals can be tolerate of Conservative speakers instead of throwing water ballons at them or throwing pies in their faces, her argument might be more palatable.

Carminati, who sees the U.S. as "a progressive society" wants us to "return [] to a less provocative era" like the 80s and 90s, when teens formed suicide pacts and committed multiple school shootings, while forming the opinion that oral sex is not really sex at all. Now with Clinton out of office "the pendulum [has] swung back too far," and the Bush "administration and its supporters" are proving to be an effective force against the liberal ideals.

Carminati "progressive means progress" as far as intolerance is concerned. She has tolerance for same-sex marriage, sexually addicted adults, etc. On the other hand, she has intolerance for everything good America stands for. Thankfully the vast majority of UH students that read the DC are intolerant to the tripe that Giugi writes.

Screw the libs!

Giugi was a little bit off from her normal liberal self. Perhaps she has some papers due or something.
When has Giugi ever been on her game?
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