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Friday, April 15, 2005


Inept UH Daily Cougar Eddys give misleading info on education act (If they lie on something as simple as this; what else have they lied about?)

The seemingly innocent Staff Editorial submitted today by the UH Daily Cougar Editorial Staff looks OK enough on the surface, but the main point noted by the most incompetent staff in UH Daily Cougar Staff in history is completely wrong. After only 15 seconds of double-checking their tripe, two seperate sources noted the correct information that a competent Daily Cougar Staff would have picked up on immediately.

In their tripe today "
Federal government gets education equation right," the DC Eddys relayed their second hand information on The Math and Science Incentive Act of 2005. The legislation that was "proposed by Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., would forgive the loans of math and science students if they agree to work in their field in the United States for five years." The only problem thing is, that the Eddy's information provided in their editorial was completely wrong. You would think in looking at that Eddy's statement, that the federal government was forgiving every math and science students loans as long as they worked in the US in their field for those five years.

In actuality, the proposed bill would "forgive up to $10,000 of interest accumulated on student loans," as reported by
Logan C. Adams of Scripps Howard, and would not forgive the loans entirely, as reported by the incompetent UH Daily Cougar Eddys. A Spaceref.com press release confirmed Adams' report.

The Eddys noted that the "rationale behind the proposal is that, as the country falls behind the world in math and science." Um, well I wonder why?

Perhaps could it be the liberal "New Age Educators" by allowing "creative math" in the 1980s to present, in which 1 and 1 did not have to add up to 2, but as long as you're close well -- "that's OK with me." See it was about 'not hurting' the child's self-esteem. And it's now costing the US.

The liberals attempts to make the smart math and science students as equal to the weak minded student have worked. By dumbing down the smart students their demonish ways are coming back to haunt us. Ever wonder why there are so many remedial courses in math and sceience at UH for incoming Freshman.

Have you looked around UH lately? Of over 30,000 students, less than 8,000 are black and hispanic. It's ironic that the DC Eddys consider the 2005 Act as "an investment in the nation's progress." I wonder what they consider the smothering of math and science creativity between the 1980s to present -- hopefully, a lesson learned.

The liberals stressing of little to no competition is a crock. No goalies at the soccer game is frustration, but no competition in the classroom is an atrocity.

Actually, the fix to the problem does not lie in forgiving loan interest after college, but in instilling competition and interest in math and science from the elementary to the secondary school levels. It's incredible that Hollywood is outpacing liberal educators in leading the way to strive in math and science, with "NUMB3RS" and the "CSI" television shows.

There will always be losers in life, and the liberals have already discovered that you can get rid of them by abortion and forced euthanasia. What's next?

Honey, I'm with you on this liberal hating binge. Liberals are notoriously cheap at paying a girl what she's worth. We make most of our money during the Baptist and Methodist Conventions.....marcythewhore
If Marcythewhore says it, its the God's Honest Truth.

God Bless You Marcythewhore, the Mary Magdalen of today.

I point out the hypocrisy of liberals. And the ones who judge you, these mean evil liberals, to them I say, 'let those who is without sin among you liberals, let him cast the first stone.'
Hey, this is Logan Adams. I'm glad to see my article got some use!
Logan, you write more truth in 10 words than the University of Houston Daily Cougar staff can write in a million words.
Actually, 10,943 UH students are african american or hispanic -- 4,560 african american, 6,383 hispanic. That doesn't count international students.
Look I added the liberal way on the number of black and hispanic students -- I estimated.

Buy saying that they are "actually, 10,943 UH students are african american or hispanic" students.

You hurt my feelings.

That is not the liberal way. Liberal.
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