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Saturday, April 23, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - XI

- The real reason the AARP is so adamantly opposed to Social Security Reform is because their future power based would dwindle. How many financially independent seniors will need the AARP?

- Air America radio sucks and is on life support in Boston, and dying in New York. Can anyone say E-U-T-H-A-N-A-S-I-A. A national radio show cannot charge $250 for a 30-second radio commercial spots and expect to survive.

- 'Post-Baccalaureate in German Studies' means you can't find a job.

- Why do Democrats support criminals voting and illegal immigration. To expand their shrinking base of liberal weak minded citizens.

- LaRoucher's have some plans while the rest of the liberal democrats like the MoveOn.orger's do nothing but obstruct public policies.

- Real immigrants to America want to be called 'Joe.' They are the ones that want to assimilate into America.

- Two words that make liberals cringe when they hear together: Black + Conservative.

I don't think there is any real point to your life. Sad, you are really sad.
Oh liberal, how sorely you are mistaken.

At least I do not feel like crap like you do.
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