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Saturday, April 16, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - X

- Liberals are weak on National and Social Security.

- Self-loathing liberals more than likely will vote for Bush.

- Environmental regulation causes high gas prices, and not the Bush Administration.

- Conservative women look and smell a hell of lot better than liberal women.

- Liberals lack substance.

- Terri Schiavo was post term aborted.

- I occassionally yell out to a mail person, "Hey, I use Bill Pay."

- Liberalism lives or dies by the altar of the federal judiciary.

- How can a liberal love a child without molesting the kid?

- The tossing of kids into the fires at Auschwitz is no different than abortion.

Yeah but liberal women give better head.
I am sure liberal males do too.
Now I wouldn't know about that male thing, but liberal women do go a'natural and do not shave their armpits.
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