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Saturday, April 02, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - VIII

- Two men who have or had unbearable flatulence: Larry King and Adolf Hitler.

- Liberals are livid about President Bush appointing new federal judges, liberal activists judges are their public policy setters.

- Its wasn't OK for 'civil rights' and 'abortion' to be states rights issues, but it is OK in the Schiavo case as the liberals see it.

- Adolf Hilter was a living constitution, as are the leaders of Cuba, and North Korea. Liberal activists judges are a living constitution. They all decide things on a whim with no regard to original construction.

- Some believe that liberal activists judges and liberals that supported Terri Schiavo's death are remenicient of the 'The Terror,' and the The Jacobins that executed Republicans. Innocence dies at the behest of Robespierre. But who will represent Robespierre when liberalism implodes?

You should have been at Frontier Fiesta...REK was awesome.

I like shiner.
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