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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Challenging liberals at the UC Satellite (Unconfirmed Breaking News: JUSTIN VANN QUITS THE DAILY COUGAR)

I was in line at the Taco Bell at the University Center Satellite a little before Noon today, when a couple of weak minded UH liberal students, a male and female, went around the other side of the booths by the north wall to try and cut their way ahead of the traditional line at Taco Bell.

I wasn't going to put up with it. When the Hispanic lady at the counter said "next person in line please" obviously looking to the traditional line, I smartly stepped right in front of those liberals and placed my order. They said nothing because they know they cut the line, and would have had something coming from me if they tried to speak up.

I stood for what's right, and didn't let the liberals get away with their indiscretion. I know I risked the prospect of a confrontation, but when they looked at the back of my book bag and saw all that military insignia, I heard nothing but silence. Those liberals know that they cut the line, and could not stand up on their morals.

So I say to you Conservatives, challenge liberals. If you know your on good standing, then take the risk. Why, because until liberals know we Conservatives are completely serious, they will not back down.


Just as I was finishing this small piece, I received an anonymous e-mail
"Justin Vann quit the paper. Feel free
to begin rejoicing."

Justin, I don't relish victory in your quitting the DC if it is true. I would hope that you have had a life change with the understanding that what you write does affect people. There are a lot of people out there don't have a life direction and look to the opinion page for advise. I look forward to reading your work in the future provided it comes from a more right of center perspective. I have a lot more respect for you Justin than I do for Giugi Carminati, who prays for my death on a nightly basis. Good luck.

I know what you are talking about hater about the line at Taco Bell in the Satellite. I see it all the time, and its about time someone stood up and took their rightfull place in line. No one wants to speak up for fear of offending somebody at UH. We live in a politically correct society on campus.
I eat at Taco Bell alot and I've cut off line cutting liberals before, both Black and White, and I haven't gotten any flack about it.

I know I'm in the right, and those line cutting liberals know that they are wrong.

Case Closed Serrado.
this is the dumbest fucking thing ever put down in writing. Someone cuts in line so they're a liberal? Are you kidding me? Get back on your meds because the paranoid schizophrenia is just completely taking you over.
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