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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism (NOW livid over the Nuclear Option rule change in the Senate)

The UH Liberal Haters mole in NOW forwarded an e-mail just as I was preparing to retire calling for all NOW Members, all ten of them, to "call the Senate to Voice Your Support for the Filibuster."

NOW urged that action was needed now and to "take action immediately!"

"A special toll-free number - 1-866-818-1165 - has been set-up for calls to the Senate on Wed, April 6 and Thu, April 7" only.

Now NOW wants you to "call your Senators [now] to let them know [now] that you support the use of the filibuster [now]" but don't tell them that the Constitution now doesn't care about the elimination of the filibuster because it was never a Senate rule.

NOW is really worried about mean Republicans turning "back the clock on women's rights, civil rights, and the environment." Glory be, women might have to actually them babies instead of abort'n 'em at will. Glory be, women might have to go back to wearing 25 lbs. of clothing like they did before the Flappers. Glory be, women might have to be mandated to recycle steel cans.

NOW is confident that eight of its ten members have "already signed NOW's petition to preserve the filibuster," and they are hoping (and praying behind your back) that those other two elusive NOW members will hopefully sign the damn thing so that NOWs voice can be heard. Viva la NOW!

Remember, Republican party leaders are trying to eliminate the filibuster by reinstating fairness into the process just as the Democrats did when they were in power for decade after decade. The "nuclear option" is not a procedural plot, the current process of having 60 votes to approve judges is a procedural plot (and is just four years old), and is not even called for in the Constitution, for its just a Senate rule that can be changed at any time.

The Constitution does not even call for a "vote" on nominated judges. If 51 Senators wrote letters to the President "approving" of his nominees -- thats "advice and consent," and fullfills the Senates obligation to the Constitution.

The 10 members of NOW are being fooled over the "nuclear option" because its going to "blow up" the Democratic Senate's operations. They are being tricked into thinking that "if their plan works, it would destroy two centuries of Senate rules intended to guarantee fairness." Liberals, don't you love 'em.

"NOW is joining with our [liberal] coalition partners to deliver the message to the Senate" that we are for the nuclear option. NOW sees this as an "opening battle for the next Supreme Court nomination," which will be more Conservative if President Bush has any love for his country.

NOW says that "you know that [] lives are at stake" - the lives of future aborted fetuses. So "please make your calls and let your Senators know that you expect them to stand up" and vote for the nuclear option.

NOW, you now have your marching orders -- now let's get out there and win one for the Sanger.

That phone number doesn't work.
Like liberalism, the phone number does not work.
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