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Sunday, April 24, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism (It's now or never for a simple majority rule change in the Senate for approving judges)

Well Senator Frist is just about ready for the vote. The vote that liberals have been clamoring about few a long time may be in our midst.

The liberals are so afraid of the so-called "nuclear option" because the liberals control the judiciary and fear that the libs are spreading is unreal.

When the speed limit was raised, the libs were afraid that traffic deaths would rise beyond belief. Last week I saw a report noting the lowest fatalities on the nations streets in the last 20 years.

When concealed carry laws were passed, the libs were afraid that blood would be spilling in the streets. Again they were wrong.

Now the fear being spread about judges and nothing will come of it. Republicans are not asking that the minimum wage be lowered to $1/hr or that the Clean Water Act be resinded by the Congress.

The Republicans are asking for a more review of law. One that does not rely on foreign law, but looks to American law as its basis, with no liberal intent as put upon it by liberal federal judges.

The liberals are afraid of the loss of their "progressive advances" all of which have been won in the courts. These leftists cannot deal with the fact that they are in the minority, already ten years now, and even sadder, the Republicans won't fully stand up and put the whiney leftist liberals in their place, and stuff their words down their neck.

The audacity of MoveOn.org to say that Republicans are practicing "judicial activism to roll back our rights," is a farce since the libs have been practicing judicial activism since Roe v. Wade if not earlier.

I assure on my honor that the Republicans do not have any intentions to hijack the federal courts like the liberals have, and they certainly have no intentions of using the courts like the liberals have none whatsoever. The Republicans win with legislation. The Democrats cannot win with legilslation, and that's why gay marriage, abortion, and other wacky liberal programs cannot pass legislative wise and must be passed via courts.

The Republicans efforts to pass judges that follow the law without inputting their personal opinions into law is vital to the survival of our country. The Democrats calling of the "nuclear option" an "extraordinarily devious plan" is intended to spread fear among America's weak minded.

If they liberal media is against the "nuclear option," and they are good at their job. If Jesus Christ came down today for the 'second coming' the liberal media would find some way of labeling him some 'Conservative hack' worthy of know ones attention, while if the devil came up from below, he would be lauded as the hero of Bill Clinton.

You will be hearing about "MoveOn members across the nation [that] are organizing emergency Rallies to Stop the Judicial Takeover," which are in place to scare Americans.

The loons will "gather in front of courthouses and federal buildings to send a clear message: Americans want fair judges," and the bunk part of the rally that the Republicans are in "favor [of] corporate interests and right-wing fringe groups."

Screw the libs!

God, you are really dumb
Is that all you got liberal!!

Challenge me with facts!! liberal.

The only problem, liberal, is that you don't have nothing but 'put downs' in your arsenal to challenge me.

Hence, your worthless comment "God, you are really dumb." Which comes naturally from the liberal you are.

You always want someone that feels more crappy that you. Well in this case liberal, you've hit a brick wall.

Screw the libs!
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