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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism 'DC slow because of upcoming finals' (Liberal Democrats do not want to see Black Americans achieve)

Hypocrite - noun, one who pretends to be what he is not or to have principles or beliefs that he does not have. (This perfectly describes the Democrats when it comes to a lot of their issues as of late).

The liberals way of blocking President Bush's nominees list of qualified judges is not only hypocritical but is a most egregious example of partisan politicking at its worst.

Senate Republicans have been working to just to get a "fair and final up-or-down vote" for judicial nominees.


Judges have been getting up-or-down votes for over 200 years. All this despite what they liberal media is telling you.

During Clinton's time, "Democrats demanded up-or-down majority votes on judicial nominations, but, now that they are in the minority, they have become the party of obstructionism and double standards."

"The Constitution guarantees an up or down vote, but the [liberal] Democrats don't want to perform their duty."

Incredibly, the liberal Democrats are holding up the nomination of an African American woman. Now if Judge Janice Rogers Brown were a liberal nominee we wouldn't be hearing the end of the hold up of her nomination in the Senate in the liberal media. But with the liberal media on their side of the Senate Democrats, the liberals come out looking like the good guys.

We can only hope that there are more smart Americans than there are liberal ones. We know that liberals can't stand Conservative Blacks and Hispanics, much less Conservative Whites.

I liken Black Conservatives to freed slaves located just off the plantation of white liberalism. They are dangerous to black liberals, or slaves to the white liberal, because they see the success of the Black Conservatives, and wonder why the white liberal does not promote policies to allow black liberals to succeed in society.

Judge Brown "is the first African American elected to the California Supreme Court and was reelected by California voters with 76% of the vote." Judge Brown is the "daughter of Alabama sharecroppers who grew up in segregated schools in the midst of Jim Crow policies in the South." She's "a single mother who worked her way through college and law school."

She worked her way up on her own, and did not need liberalism to help her along the way. Judge Brown's excellent credentials were brushed aside in favor of liberalism which blocked her nomination. In addition to her skills and qualifications, no other judges just like her case are being denied a vote by the Senate liberals use of "hypocritical double standards to block their nominations." Some judges have been waiting for a vote for up to 4 years.

Liberal Democrats are lying when the "filibuster is a sacred tool of the Senate. But in 1995, Democrats, including nine who still serve, voted to rid the Senate of this tool."

Yes, "nine current Democratic Senators voted to get rid of the filibuster" in 1995.

The hypocrisy of the liberals is incredible. "Now that [the filibuster] suits their needs," the liberals praise it.

Liberalism is a sham, and the liberals know it. Their hypocrisy is catching up with them. The liberal Senators obstruction and threatened shut down of the Senate will further label them for the babies they are.

The liberals say they are loyal to and hold reverence for the Senate's traditions, but in actuality it is another liberal Senate sham constructed to keep their hypocrisy hidden.

Screw the libs!

Dear Liberal Hater,
You no doubt wish to uphold only the best journalistic practices in your opinion stories on this page. So, I thought that I would inform you that it is incorrect to use "due to" when referring to cause. The correct headline for your rant today would be “Attacking Non-UH liberalism ‘DC slow BECAUSE OF upcoming finals’ Just thought you would appreciate the help.

Dusti Dawn Rhodes
Life & Arts Editor
The Daily Cougar
You're right Dusti. I was wrong, and you were right, and I stand corrected.

I was on the phone with my insurance company this morning for my homeowners insurance when I was finishing everything and I did not get a chance to double check the title for correctness.
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