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Sunday, March 20, 2005


UH liberalism to Rear Its Ugly Head Again on 3/21

Starting on Monday, the UH Daily Cougar Staff and UH liberals will once again make another effort at keeping the UH weak minded students weak in their lethal pursuit of liberalism. They will:

- fight to remove George W. Bush from office and replace him with John Kerry as their fearful leader.

- fight for Saddam Hussein to be reinstated as the dictatorial president of Iraq with its rape and torture rooms.

- fight for Syria to regain the upper hand on Lebanon and keep freedom from flourishing.

- fight for the reversal of all democracy spreading across the Middle East.

- fight for more minority abortions so that white liberals can maintain control of the Democratic Party.

- fight for the immediate death of Terri Schiavo.

Hail to UH liberalism -- may it die the death of a 1000 aborted fetuses!

You are pure evil.
If evil is what is takes to defeat liberalism, then I will proudly potray it. The french.
Man, its so refreshing to see someone get it right about us liberals. We hate America! Three cheers for elitism!
Well at least you admit you're a liberal. You are on the way to being cured from your elitist tendencies.
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