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Thursday, March 24, 2005


UH Daily Cougar PointCounterpoint: Euthanasia (Confusion reigns; isn't one side suppose to call for Schiavo's outright death)

In todays PointCounterpoint: Euthanasia "Complex issues muddle Schiavo debate," even the UH weak minded student would be expecting for one side to call for Terri Schiavo's outright death, but it is not to be found.

The case of Terri Schiavo is bent so far to the left in the liberal media, I'm betting that the Daily Cougar opinion editor Jason Poland purposely left out calling for her death out to avoid any controversy with the students 'rolling' around UH that are in the same semiconscious state as Schiavo. Hence the assignment of his lower lineup columnists for this PointCounterpoint who have more appreciation for life, than the others who walk UH with a 45 degree list to the left.

If Schiavo is allowed to die, are we going to start calling for UH students who are in wheelchairs and look as if they are in the same semiconscious state as Schiavo to be euthanized in Butler Plaza each week?

The Terri Schiavo case is not just about her fight for life, its also about 'aborting' those individuals in society who are not seen as optimal. That's just what the Nazis did and the liberals support it. No wonder the quadriplegic community is reeling from the spectacle being played out in Florida (thank you unelected unaccountable liberal judges.)

The similiarities between Nazi Germany dehumanizing the Jews, and our loving liberal media depersonalizing the Terri Schiavo case is frightening. And with the liberals loving use of incrementalism in this arena, the possibilities are unlimited. What's next, the killing of terminally ill cancer patients.


Cool post! It is funny has our society err's on the side of life in so many things such as saving beached whales and dophins, murderers on death row, dogs and cats, etc. But when it comes to Terri Schiavo she get's the short end of the stick.
I was especially pissed over this one, and it has been brewing for days.

The media is really pissing me off with their biased coverage. When the liberal media said that over 50% of evangelicals were calling for Schiavo's death that put me over the top.

Now I'm not that religious, but I know that evangelicals take life very seriously.

This is a liberal media setup, and there will be repercussions for the Democratic Party.
i'm confused... it's not OK to let shiavo die naturally, but it is OK to kill perfectly healthy minors with the death penalty? but it's not OK to kill an unborn child?

if your as religious as you say you are, wouldn't it be up to God to decide whether or not you should die? not a husband or family, a judge or jury, or a mother? If you are going to die without the help of a man-made machine, wouldn't that mean that God decided it's your time to go and he has a seat ready for you in heaven?

it seems that your stances on these issues are contradictory.
Funny how you didn't give the supposed "lib" Eglin any credit for his piece, but if any DC article has a liberalesque tone, you're quick to jump over the writer in an instant.
OK, here is the skinny Annymous # 2.

Deep down in my gut, I'm of the belief that Schiavo (spelling correctly) does not want to die at this point in time.

I can read people pretty good and this is what I'm picking up.

And by the way, Terri Schiavo is not dying naturally, she is slowly being murdered.

As one has had their digestion cut off went I had cancer over 5 years ago, I literally could not eat for over two months. I was kept alive with TPN during that time, but in the meantime also lost over 50 pounds. By the time it was over, I literally looked like a Holocaust victim.

As far as I am concerned Schiavo has no choice in her soon to be wrongful death. Michael Schiavo had his chance to walk away from Terri's case free and clear, which he did not do. The Schindler's, Terri's family, have said they would give everything to care for her until her "true" natural death.

As far your trying to tie in "minors" and the death penalty into the Schiavo case, your comparing apples and oranges. First off, liberals like you believe that minors "do not really know what they are doing when they kill," but when it comes to abortion "they are mature." Second off, these so-called "loving" teens get more due process than Schiavo, and in the teens case, we do "err on the side of life."

Abortion is again a "non choice" for the fetus just as Schiavo is getting.

If you are thinking that I'm that religious, well I'm not. God knows when to take someone, as a one who has been given "last rites" TWICE, I was not ready for death according to God's will.

The reason why I am so pissed about this issue is that Terri is not on some machine, and her family wants to care for her. And still the liberals in society still want her to die.

If she dies, life in this country will be cheapened. Soon it will be commonplace.

And you can damn well be sure that I will be fighting for the death of every 'goddamned liberal' on life support because a precedent has been sent.
Response to Anonymous # 3.

I did not slam Dante Eglin in his PointCounterpoint column because I believe he was Shanghaied by Jason Poland, the opinion editor, into writing the piece for the liberal bent. I'm of the mind that he probably did not feel comfortable writing on Schiavo in the first place and purposely dodged the issue of supporting the death of Schiavo.

Dante spent almost 1/3 of his commentary setting up background about Schiavo's case that everyone knows, and coupled with another good portion of his commentary on of all things "love", and even him offering a solution of "divorce," all this without calling for her outright death made me scratch my head. Why?

Its simple. Look around UH. I'm pretty sure each one of us on campus has at least one student in one of our classes that is permanently confined to a wheelchair.

How would that UH student feel, especially those students that have full-time nurses, when the liberals of the UH Daily Cougar call for the death of a women in Florida who case if very similar to theirs.

I know that Giugi Carminati or Sarah Morgan would have loved to write that commentary on Terri Schiavo for the left. Perhaps Poland might have even had a competition among his writers, who knows.

I've slammed Eglin before, especially on his plan to delay the Iraqi elections, which were a complete success.
And I for sure don't avoid slamming him tail just because he's black.

You were correct in pointing out that I did not recognize Eglin or Meyer in the post for their commentaries, but at the same time I simple did not due to the constrants of time (needed to get to class), and by doing so I would have lost my train of thought.
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