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Monday, March 21, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Eddys give tacit approval of new Provost (the Dollar beats Diversity)

The UH Daily Cougar Editorial Staff today gave tacit approval of the new provost Donald J. Foss, a white guy, who is currently the dean of arts and sciences at Florida State University. Foss, who touted 'dollars' over 'diversity,' won the job because he has a history keeping university coffers flush with cash, which did not sit well the Daily Cougar editorial staff, who wanted a provost that supports a totally gay faculty and staff, free abortions for all poor UH students, and more inventive ways to seperate students and their parents from their money.

In today's editorial "Gogue picks a provost who can talk money," the Eddys leave themselves a backdoor on President Gogue's choice for No. 2 at UH by saying "time will tell if he's right for UH." One could get a sense of the nauseating smell that was emanating from the Daily Cougar editorial office as they realized that, "Oh my Bill and Hillary, the provost went to a white guy, and not a minority man or woman." My God (apology to the libs), where is the diversity in that.

The Bottom Line did not exude confidence in the Eddys as it would have printed if a 'diversity oozing' candidate had been chosen. They have put their eggs in the basket of "hate the white guy," against Foss who three years ago defended the free speech right of a dead Florida State tenured colleague whose study of genetic mechanisms somewhat supported the crazy idea that blacks are inferior to whites.

Oh don't hold back. Next thing you know the Asians will be superior to whites in mathematics.

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