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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Victoria Morales needs more research on HB 3 (and HB 784 & HJR 35)

Just a quick note on the Victoria Morales column tackling the raising of state sales taxes. In her commentary today "Bill to up sales taxes will better schools," Morales does not address property tax caps. The caps must be passed along with the sales tax increase or else the average homeowner like me, will be pay more for property taxes in as little as two to three years.

Property taxes rise faster than wages, and many senior citizens are taxed out of their homes in their old age because their income is reduced while their taxes countinue to rise. Not to mention that many newlyweds are priced out of nice homes in great neighborhoods because of hideous property taxes, some which can reach over $5000 per year.

Something has got to be done and soon.

Gotta go, studying for a test.

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