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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Sarah Morgan 'Says NO to ANWR drilling' (Wants poor to pay higher prices for gas/food)

UH Daily Cougar columnist Sarah Morgan in the continuation of her 'Chicken Little Series' this time says the 'sky is falling' over the possibility of drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. This liberal, who would find something bad to say about a 'bright shiny day,' is so depressing in her prose that she would make even the most optimistic person want to commit suicide.

In her tripe today "Artic refuge drilling not a solution," Morgan maintains "that drilling in the Artic will not solve our energy problems, and is not worth the effort." She refuses to embrace incrementalism in reference to solving America's energy problems, but its OK for liberals to use incrementalism to reduce smoking in society and increase the acceptance of gay marriage and euthanasia.

No, with Morgan, she wants a fix now, and if it can't be fixed now, it's time to go on to something else (back to the stone age perhaps.) One could imagine Morgan as being against any world effort to save the Earth should a meteor be sure to strike the planet (there would be to many VOCs emitted from the rockets and not to mention the nuclear bombs used to destroy the object. She doesn't look to the fact that the Earth would be destroyed anyway.)

Morgan, who is for Houston's poor paying higher gasoline prices to get to their jobs, and for them paying higher prices for less food, cares more about Alaska's "marine mammals including the bowhead whale, polar and grizzly bears and moose that live in the [Artic] refuge. She cares more about the "caribou, which use the land as a nursery," than the average poor kid on Houston's streets that goes on starving because of food being to expensive during to transport cost.

Morgan, who doesn't know moose from mousse, readily admits that she never has been to Alaska except for "a few episodes of Northern Exposure," which was actually filmed in the American northwest, believes its time for much more expensive "renewable energy" resources to come online. But the market will not support that for decades to come.

Unlike Morgan, "I've been to Alaska on multiple occassions since I have family that live in several spots around the state. Unlike liberals, I have been to locations in Alaska that if you got sick and transport by foot was the only way out -- you would die. I have been on the Alaskan plains that where you can look in all directions and see nothing; not a tree, but an occassional caribou, which is exactly what the situation is with ANWR. It is a very lonely place even if you are with some people."

Morgan can write about ANWR but she doesn't know a damn thing about the place. She doesn't mention that the caribou have a history of flourishing with other drilling and pipeline projects in Alaska. She doesn't mention that the current residents of ANWR might actually benefit from the civilization that will be coming to their area. She doesn't mention that she just found out that Alaska does not border Texas when she looked at the map.

Morgan is a minimalist. She is jealous of your ability to enjoy life. You are able to get to the state park faster than she would in her Yugo. You are able to travel in your own car to visit relatives in Dripping Springs, while she has to take the bus. You can afford a nice shelving system for your tomes, while she has to use cinder blocks and flat boards for her few books.

Morgan believes "we're moving in the wrong direction," when it comes to Americas energy woes, but it's actually Morgan who is moving in the wrong direction in life. Let her try wintering over in Nome, Alaska and she might just change her mind.

Screw the libs!

Sarah Morgan is correct in most of her assumptions in her piece today.
Look, I don't really care about her assumptions. I get concerned at her being selffish towards a viable issue that will affect the poor more than anyone else in the country if nothing is done, just because she cares about some animal rather than poor kids on the street.

She doesn't realize that by her and the other liberal ilk not supporting some sort of action that will alleviate the nation's energy problem that the economy will soon be affected. And its the poor who are the first ones to fell belches in the economy.

Liberals like Morgan will never understand the consequences to inaction to important issues of America solving its own energy problems.
did you read the entire article?

"Honestly, it isn’t really the caribou, the native tribe or any of that. It is just the sheer denial of the problem facing our society. Wouldn’t resources be better spent on strengthening our renewable energy capacity? We would save more oil if we focused on more energy efficient automobiles, and lessen our dependence on foreign oil by replacing it with more sustainable fuels. Motor engine efficiency has declined by about 30 percent since the 1980s. We’re moving in the wrong direction.
It is frustrating that our government is so shortsighted, and so clearly lacks common sense and ingenuity. Yes, I feel bad about the wildlife. But more than anything, I’m embarrassed. This is America. Is this the best we can come up with? A war against caribou?
Apparently, some senators think so. After the vote, Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska said, “It's as important to me as the first step Armstrong took when he stepped off on the moon.” We’re comparing oil drilling to walking on the moon. My, how far we’ve come."

you're taking things a bit out of context, don't you think?
Look, the denial is that we are not facing our energy problem.

Your audience should not be Detroit, but society in convincing them to demand more energy efficient cars. So far, anything that has to do with batteries has been a failure, and we know they have the technology to make way more efficient cars, and we may hear the dramatic news soon about breakthroughs in automobile fuel mileage.

If anything good comes out of high fuel prices it is a need for more fuel efficient yet stylish vehicles. It happened before in the late 70s, and it changed the auto industry.

We still need drilling in ANWR, and along many places along all our coastlines. It's got to happen if our economy is going to continue to grow and prosper.
I'm all for better allocation of resources, but the market, and not government, makes those efficient reallocations. When prices get high enough, the market will look to other forms of energy.
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