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Monday, March 28, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Justin Vann 'Starts DC's incremental support of euthanasia' (UH Wheelchair Students to be euthanized in Butler Plaza soon)

I know I will make his day by addressing his column, but Justin Vann compares a Ferrari to a Yugo in his trying to justify the past weeks death issues. Tyler Nelson did an excellent job commenting on the Ten Commandments monument at the state capitol. And UH College Democrat officer Nick Somarkis' column may have been a bit to much for the UH weak minded student and could have waited till another day.

In his tripe today "News public is titillated by death," Justin Vann lumps all death issues (from Schiavo to the 70-year-old woman and the kid killer) from last week into one basket with the premise "if it bleeds, it leads" and like a gang banger after a drive by shooting, Vann does not stay to see the aftermath of the scene, and how it affects the true loved ones of those involved on the dying end.

Vann who euthanized one of his hamsters when he was a teenager, simply because the hamster had a better golf swing than he did, sees the "Terri Schiavo [case] [a]s slowly driving the country insane as she dies of starvation."

Vann sees no life involved in Schiavo, and maintains the "story bugs me because there really is no debate going on." Well when you have activist courts on your side and there is no debate in sight, especially when the main person on the enemy side (the one fighting for life) cannot talk and happens to be slowly dying by starvation.
Vann, who in time will more than likely be on the student committee to select UH Wheelchair Students to be euthanized in Butler Plaza, urges us not "to be fooled" by Schiavo because "nothing will come of this." Of course nothing came of the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch or of Roe vs. Wade. Did it?
Vann who theorizes that Americans fascination with these recently noted death cases "will have consequences" yet he refuses to offer any himself. Vann's silence in regards to Schiavo, along with the silence of the liberal organizations such as NOW and the ACLU is deafening.

Screw the libs!

Love the hamster bit. I couldn't stop laughing for several minutes. Keep up the Lords work.
Bless you my son.

When I saw the picture of the hamster, I knew that Justin had to have golfed in high school.
Before I ask my question, I would like to preface it by saying I voted for Bush, and I have likely as many conservative opinions as liberal ones. I am a student at UH with a double major and two jobs, so I know how to work hard, although I'd rather consider myself a good Texan than a good American. Anyway, I agree with you that the Constitution is not a living document, but I would like to know your opinion on the movement for a Constitutional amendment on gay marriage. Personally, the issue isn't high on my priority list, but I think moving toward a Constitutional amendment is blatant opportunism and shows a lack of respect for the document itself.

I apologize if you've already written on the topic -- I'm only a casual fan -- but I would truly be interested to see your response.
I have addressed gay marriage previously saying that I cannot disagree with 11 states that just amended their state constitutions banning gay marriage.

If gay marriage even comes close to becoming a Constitutional amendment their will be another outcry just as the public got pissed about the taking of "under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Here is the link in which I addressed Justin Vann's column on gay marriage.


Please send me an e-mail at uhliberalhater at budweiser.com, I have a few questions of you.
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