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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Giugi Carminati 'Ever the Eichmann' (Says screw Schiavo, she won't be around in 20 years)

Even before I had a chance to post the true meat of my rebuttal to Giugi Carminati's crock today I had two comments just from my teaser I posted at lunch time from "smart" UH students who know tripe when they see it in the DC, and especially when it oozes from Giugi Carminati. One comment said "She is by far the worst columnist on the Cougar. Whenever I see her name, I just turn the page. I know it's going to be a bunch of pointless crap." The other comment was just as bewildered saying by Giugi saying "What was her column about? She had like 10 different ideas, with NO facts to support them... Was it about Terri? Bush? Alaska? Social Security?... That piece was really bad. Who uses !'s anyway? That is a sign of a bad writer." And this was still midday.

It's late evening now, and after fighting network card problems all day, of which I just recovered, I will take time out of my busy study schedule to to address the malodorous pride of the Honors College, Giugi Carminati, who can do the world a favor, put a forty-five to her noggin and 'Schiavo herself.'

In Carminati's tripe today "Don't let President pull the wool over your eyes," Carminati thinks she's a member of congress and attaches meaningless riders onto the 'bill of Terri Schiavo's life' by adding on Social Security, the UN, Bush and Clinton into her worthless comments aimed at convincing the weak minded UH student that 'life comes in fifth place' in this day and age. Obviously she must be aiming at a federal constituency, since in Texas you cannot add riders to bills -- its justs a waste of time, just like anyone reading Giugi's comments today. (Please God let Texas grow more Republican so Giugi will have to move to San Francisco to get elected as dogcatcher.)

Carminati should be arrested by the fact police for the trees she killed today. Where is the Sierra Club when you need them? Did you notice that you had to really look to find Carminati's paltry prose today with it being huddled deep inside the Frontier Fiesta Gazette. I'm debating if this was Jason Poland's idea to place her column in the midst of the party schedule or if it was dumb luck that mandated its placement. I've leaning 'dumb luck' considering the degenerate incompetence the DC office maintains.

Carminati doesn't even bait the reader today, she just marches in lockstep stating "Congress [was] overstepping its boundaries to force a federal court to hear the case." Carminati like most liberals, expresses no compassion for the family of Terri Schiavo, and bluntly lets Terri's family know that "the case has been publicized beyond reason." Carminati would have made a great 'camp host' at Auschwitz, by welcoming the Jews to their new camp and ushering them to their bath and disenfection. Then lovingly pouring in the 'Zyklon-B' which leads to a slow painfully torturous death (sort of like removing someone's feeding tube.)

Carminati convienently hides behind the law because "the law is clear as to what limits there are, who has the right to do what and how the courts are to handle the situation." No, instead of doing the right thing and respecting life or calling for a reversal of the lower courts decision, Carminati reassures the UH weak minded student stating don't worry "this happens every day." This made me think for a quick second of Logan's Run (1976) starring Michael York and Jenny Agutter in which everyone lives perfect lives now until they turn the age of 30 and meet a fiery death in Carrousel, which is the eventual incremental goal of the liberals.

Carminati is like a bartender in her tripe today as she mixes a Long Island Ice Tea of liberalism for us. The smart UH students avoid it, except me of course who faithful reads the tripe to serve you in this posting, but those UH weak minded that drink it in 'and actually believe it' are drunk with liberalism. She tries to water down the real issue of Schiavo's life by interjecting her top 'special 'issues actually giving them more significance than human life itself. Why if this were 1819 Georgia I'd use the "rule of thumb" law, get a switch, and beat the heck out of Giugi -- she deserves it.

Carminati had the audacity to compare Clinton's 'Desert Fox' campaign of December 1998 campaign with "Schiavo under Bush" by reasoning that presidents "faced with uncomfortable situations, have often used diversionary tactics," which is absolutely ridiculous in the case of President Bush.

In December 1998, Clinton lauched Desert Fox as a direct action to delay or have Congress somehow forget about his approaching impeachment:

"The House of Representatives had been scheduled to convene on Thursday, December 17, to begin considering the four articles of impeachment. However, on Wednesday, President Clinton ordered a series of military air strikes against Iraq, following the failure of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein to comply with U.N. weapons inspectors. Clinton's timing drew an immediate chorus of criticism from Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott who stated: "I cannot support this military action in the Persian Gulf at this time. Both the timing and the policy are subject to question.""
"The President defended his timing when asked by a White House reporter if the attack was an attempt to avoid the impeachment vote in Congress. "I don't think any serious person would believe that any President would do such a thing." (RealAudio :24).

For me and smart UH students to honestly believe that Bush is somehow trying to use Schiavo as diversionary tactics is utter poppycock.

Carminati continues her bilge by lumping in Social Security privitization as a "bad idea" and by the way the "Washington Post and ABC [polls] show that 56 percent of Americans do not approve of the idea, and that number has been going up" because America's weak minded are falling for the liberal media's tripe. One can imagine Carminati (who has never paid into Social Security) as saying, "Hurry up and get that bitch Schiavo dead and off the front pages." Killing Social Security privitazation "is something our nation's attention should be turned [back] to." She is that hateful.

In regards to Republican Senators and the 'nuclear option' of nominating federal judges, Carminati damn near quotes the MoveOnPAC website word-for-word, so its automatically assumed her facts are wrong. The 'nuclear option', which Carminati and the liberals are playing as an 'abortion of justice' is nothing more than a majority vote (an up or down vote) on judicial nominees, which would effectively restrict the use of the filibuster in order to push through nominations. The Constitution does not called for a supermajority in approving judges, of which there are only seven instances in the document. That is what really has been happening for 200 years minus the last four in which the liberals have been filibustering.

Smart UH students pass this along to those weak minded UHers. The activist federal judiciary are Carminati's and the liberals public policy setters. They know they can't win in Congress because their politics are far left, so they turn to unelected unaccountable activist judges to do their liberal dirtywork. That's why Carminati's "snug as a bug in a rug" over Schiavo, and is already chilling the champagne for when Terri dies. Be looking for Giugi on campus on the day Terri Schiavo passes -- she will have a grin as 'big as Texas.'

Carminati shamelessly continues with the 'nuclear option' stating "if the majority party outlaws the legally guaranteed tools that the opposition party has to do its job, what are we left with? Can you spell "o-n-e p-a-r-t-y s-t-a-t-e"? I thought that single parties were what we did not like -- Such as Cuba, Iraq and the U.S.S.R.!" Well, as one who has actually been in a communist country and dealt with the 'evil empire' they seemed pretty capitalist to me. Carminati's vision of a one-party rule will eventually come true if the Democrats continue to implode as if they were that lucky guy that won tickets on the maiden voyage of the Titanic.

Carminati continues her tripe by trying to compare congresses recently opening up of "Alaska for drilling," which she surmises that "Bush's oil industry friends all think those campaign contributions were an excellent investment." And continues to complain "did you even know about it?"
Well 'No' Carminati would say, because "THAT BITCH SCHIAVO HASN'T DIED," one could imagine her yelling out. She's hogging the headlines, and the liberal message is not getting out. Next thing you know, they'll be calling for abortions in the 163rd trimester, which would have automatically ended Schaivo's life.

In reading Carminati's tripe, you begin to wonder how the hell does she sleep at night. Does she have a conscious? Does she dream of someday being a judge and ordering someones death, or does she dream of taking the place of Monica Lewinsky and getting the DNA stain on her blue dress.

Carminati's is despicable when she includes the Freedom Hating Appeasement Monkeys (UN) 'oil-for-food' scandal. She lowers herself so far she might as well be a prostitute for the skank she is. She complains the "media give so little information on the situation that it's a wonder that everyone in the United States thinks Kofi Annan is guilty of something." Why? Because "THAT BITCH SCHIAVO ISN'T DEAD."

Incredibly Carminati, got it right that "Annan will probably not be found guilty of anything." Well hell, even Hitler would find himself 'not-guilty' if he investigated himself.

Carminati's defense of Kofi and Kojo Annan is abominable, and "before you utter a single word," she says, "look at the President and think for a moment," in which she tries to make the President look like the bad guy in all this. Of course Carminati does "not condoning the behavior" of the appeasement monkeys, "but I am saying it does happen, not only in the United Nations or the United States, although you should know that the United Nations has one of the strictest set of rules regarding nepotism; no member of a U.N. employee's family can apply for a job at the United Nations," but you can make a bundle on the side if your father happens to be Secretary-General of the 'Freedom Hating Appeasement Monkeys.'

In closing her worthless thoughts she noted "don't let anyone [especially THAT BITCH SCHIAVO WHO HASN'T DIED YET] divert your focus from acts of Congress." One can smell Carminati's loathing of Schiavo, and how "our country and our world are undergoing tremendous potential changes, which we ought to be paying attention to."

Carminati is so 'Vichy-liberal,' she's always collaborating with America's enemies in a treasonous fashion with the aim of rueing the day against America. She doesn't care if Terri Schiavo lives or dies, she just wants her off the headlines because "in 20 years, you will be more affected by the privatization of Social Security or the drilling of Alaska than by her passing." Ladies and gentleman -- I think not. If Carminati is in charge, in 20 years -- if you get sick for three weeks -- you'll be 'Schiavoed'. For those of you who are weak minded -- euthanized.

The lies told in Carmaniti's tripe today reminded me of her sex commentary she did recently. If Carminati can so easily lie to you and me, what's to stop her from telling her inventive husband the lie, "Honey, you're the world's greatest lover."

Screw the libs!

She is by far the worst columnist on the Cougar..
When ever I see her name, I just turn the page. I know it's going to be a bunch of pointless crap.
What was her column about? She had like 10 different ideas, with NO facts to support them...
Was it about Terri? Bush? Alaska? Social Security?..
That piece was really bad.

Who uses !'s anyway? That is a sign of a bad writer.
One word, "BRILLIANT."
I was taken aback by her commentary as I'm sure a lot of UH students were.

Her general disregard for the sanctity of human life was astonishing, as it is plain to see that there are UH students in wheelchairs that are only able to utter sounds or are only to use their chin to guide their wheelchairs.

What would she do to those UH students if she alone had complete control over their lives?
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