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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Giugi Carminati 'Hates Abstinence' (Compares sex to shopping for consumer goods)

I was bored with David Salinas tripe on the death penalty today. The topic has been beaten to death (no pun intended) this month already with pieces by Jason Richardson and Giugi Carminati in the Daily Cougar. Once again, Salinas does the liberal way and appeals to the UH weak minded students by invoking religion, this time even quoting scripture about 'vengeance,' which was a nice touch since it is 'Holy Week.'
In the Daily Cougar today
Giugi Carminati switches from teen killers who are 'not mature' enough in their decision making when they ruthlessly kill their victims, to sex, in which teens 'are mature' in every way, and are encouraged to look at sex as if they were buying an assortment pack of candy bars.

Carminati wants you to believe sex to be like Lay's potato chips, you can't stop with just one partner. To her, a minimum of twelve lovers over a lifetime (which I surpassed like at age 17) is fine, which she calls a "life-time membership pack," which is paving the way as a future contribution to the breakdown in society.

If the
Honors College condones the crap that Carminati is propagating then maybe its time their funding should be re-evaluated by UH and the state.

Carminati's tripe today "Sex and shoes: it's better to shop around," Carminati combines her two favorite things, sex and shopping, in her secular progressive aim to defeat abstinence and promote promiscuous behavior enough in young teens to save of all things -- capitalism.

Carminati, who is so smart that UH weak minded students would take her for an economist from the liberal Brookings Institute, theorizes that "abstinence cannot work" because the market cannot survive with "sex out of the market". She firmly believes that our markets would "cease being a capitalist society," if abstinence is not stopped. Excuse me question here; aren't liberals suppose to call for the destruction of capitalism?

Now Carminati's 'sex and shoes' theory is either so original or 'its stupid.' I checked my economic sources and the e-mails I got back were of the "she's crazy" nature. One of my buds at the Men's Club wrote me back with equal bewilderment and then promptly reminded me to come by the TMC for a "Strip It & Dip It" special they have on Mondays. (He still has not confirmed my theory that Giugi wears pasties in an alternative line of work.) In several keyword searches I tried to informally confirm Carminati's theory and found nothing that correlated to her crazy idea.

Carminati is crazy in her claim that "abstinence cannot work." I would hope than most UH students abstain from illegal drug use and heavy use of alcohol. For those who want to practice 'sexual abstinence' that's fine as well. Look, I'm no angel, and like Austin Powers I used to believe in "promiscuous unprotected sex with multiple partners" with no consequence, but those days are out the window if you want to live a long and prosperous life. For those minors who should not be sexually active I highly encourage sexual abstinence as all of us should. But with Carminati, you get the sense that she would support 12 year old girls being handed condoms by the handful in the classroom. I wonder how she will react when her daughter turns twelve? Will she submit to abstinence perhaps?

Carminati, who believes that "teaching abstinence only is teaching ignorance," does not believe that sex (I hope between a man and a woman) is primarily emotional and psychological, but instead is just a physical act of nature. She does not believe that sexual activity should lead to long term bonding between two individuals, which most of the time is linked to intimacy, love, and commitment -- generally qualities that are found within marriage.

Carminati hates the teaching of abstinence because it cuts down on teen sex, and supports marriage between a man and a woman. Abstinence teaches that early casual sex poses threats of pregnancy and the transmission of sexual diseases. In addition, abstinence supports intimate relationships between a man and a woman and no others.

Carminati is also distrustful of sex education as well, which teaches the so-called 'mature teens' about contraception and promptly encourages them to use it. No, with Carminati the social acceptance of casual teen sex and the encouragement to engage in such activity feeds right into her incremental plan and directly supports her lustful motivations.

Carminati baits the UH weak minded student with "the goal [] to find one partner with which to spend the rest of [their] lives" which comes after being lubed with idea of shopping sex as if it were "food, cars, clothes, shoes, accessories, [or] entertainment." She advocates looking 'under the hood' in regards to sex, with virtually no consequences; but does assign consequence to those who have only a few sex partners and if it doesn't work out (if they do happen to get married) "the only way out is divorce."

One can read into Carminati's sex life with the analogy of her habits of buying "swimsuits on sale without trying them on and cars without test-driving." Of course she'll take the risk while at the same time saying that she does not condone it for you (but you know that she has her fingers crossed.)

Incredibly, Carminati sees "sexual activity with protection" with "limited partners" as a more sound and a "more logical approach for our society than abstinence." This speaks volumes of Carminati's future view of society with plenty of teens and young twenty-somethings ready for sexual engagements at a moments notice. Now those lustful motivations are starting to become quite clear.

The destruction of abstinence teaching fits right into Carminati's planned relationship with her husband when the now attractive couple reaches their ever more wrinkling late 30s, 40s and 50s. There will be plenty of promiscuous PYTs around for the choosing to spice up their projected antiquated copulation activities. Can you say S-W-I-N-G-E-R-S.

Screw the libs!

I don't know how you can take Giugi's statement that abstinence can't work and come up with how she will be a swinger in her later years. It's crazy.
Look, I take a statement and try to determine the consequences of that statement.

Personally, I wish she would have never have written the damn article, but that's the call she made. I didn't want to talk about the death penalty anymore this month.

I've never met Giugi but I have contacts that have, and from those contacts I get a sense of the possibilites that encompass her liberal self.

I certainly hope that she doesn't become a swinger, but besides her theory that capitalism will be saved if abstinence is stopped, there is some underlying selfish motivation that she did not write about.

She made her call, I made mine.
Is this the penis slap girl I've been hearing so much of.
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