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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Presidential Precedent for Defying the Supreme Court

Professor Walther reported that Andrew Jackson and the The 1830 Indian Removal Act was one time in American History that the President went around the ruling of the Supreme Court. The Indians of the Southeast, primarily Georgia were targeted for removal to west of the Mississippi River in Indian Territory (present day Oklamhoma). The Indians sued in court and won the right to stay and farm, but President Jackson sent in the Army anyway under the guise that they were protecting the Indians. The removal started the Trail of Tears in which 1-in-4 Indians perished. Jackson was popular, and nothing ever came of his defiance of the Supremes. He was reelected for a second term.
There is precendence of the President of the United States defying the Supreme Court and surviving in office. Whether this gives Terri Schiavo any hope in her fight to remain alive remains yet to be seen.

If Bush did that, his poll numbers would really pick up.

Have you noticed the polls are starting to pick up again after the flap over the Presidential election.
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