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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


High Fuel Prices - Already affecting the economy on the lowest levels

It just cost me over $31 to fill up my small economical truck. Thank you Wacko Environmentalists Liberals and that stupid Cougar environmentalist Morgan that UHLH rails about.
I loaned my hispanic girlfriend's father, a proud patriarch of his family $20 so he could get gas in his car so he could get to his job this past Monday. He was ashamed to ask his family for gas money as any head of household would be.
These gas prices are hurting my economy. To me $20 means something simply because I don't have that much money. I don't ask my parents for money like others do, they insist that I work and go to school for the simple aim of gaining responsibility, or else I'm out.
That $20 which I will insist not be paid back, just cost me two movies tickets, some popcorn, and a coke. (a night out with my girlfriend) Again thank you Wacko Environmentalists Liberals.

ARE YOU SERIOUS?? the wacko liberal environmentalists are to blame for high gas prices?? No no, naive one- OPEC determines oil prices. If anything blame bush for sending us over to Iraq and stirring up all the radicals so that OPEC nations are worried about being attacked.
There has not been a refinery built in the United States in over 20 years. We've previously had around 350 refineries and now have around 150 or less. We don't drill ernestly for our own sources of oil. I can't accept your blaming of Bush and any OPEC radicals. I have a younger brother in Iraq now, a he is a better man that you or me. I do have a gripe with the President's energy policy, since it is affecting my pocket book.
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